Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions: Which chef wins your bracket?

Host Guy Fieri, as seen on Tournament of Champions, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network
Host Guy Fieri, as seen on Tournament of Champions, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network /

Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions is set to premiere on Food Network. In this cooking madness bracket, which chef is your bet to win the title?

Move over March Madness, Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions on Food Network is the battle that will have foodies fearing a busted bracket. As the chefs compete in these epic challenges, fans will be cheering their favorite chefs. Will this bracket style competition change Food Network cooking competitions?

For the past several months, the Food Network and Guy Fieri have been touting this single elimination bracket-style competition. While the components of each challenge are determined by a randomizer, some chefs might be better equipped to handled this high stakes, quick paced challenge.

Over the series competition, the chefs will be narrowed down to a head to head battle. In the end, one chef will earned the title. But, can you predict the winner?

Just like March Madness, certain factors could cause an unexpected upset. Whether it is an unusual protein or uncommon cooking style or just a bad day in the kitchen, anything can happen in this Food Network competition. That scenario is what makes this show entertaining.

Still, there is a sense of pride on the line for these chefs. It isn’t about the clashing personalities in a house, the James Beard Awards or even the Iron Chef title. Chefs have an ego that drives them to be the best. Everyone will be putting up their best dishes to earn a place in the next round.

Looking at the initial bracket, the East versus West line-up seems rather balanced. There is an Iron Chef, Chopped judges, Top Chef winners and James Beard Award winners. Picking an ultimate winner is not an easy task.

While FoodSided does not want to influence anyone’s bracket, we will make some prediction on round one. This first showdown should be an epic battle. While a few pairings might seem like a slam dunk, an upset or two is quite likely.

Looking at the East Coast chefs, the Alex Guarnaschelli should move onto round two. She is a fierce competitor and always seems to pull out a win in Food Network competitions.

As for the East Coast first round competitions, FoodSided predicts Marc Murphy and Rocco Dispirito as winners.

The most unpredictable battle will be Amanda Freitag versus Elizabeth Falkner. Falkner has expertise as both a savory and a pastry chef. If she can pull out a super creative dish, Falkner could have an edge.

For the West Coast bracket, the competition is filled with Top Chef alums. The always entertaining and creative Richard Blais is in this bracket. No one should bet against Blais.

Also, FoodSided will be pulling for Antonia Lofaso over Marcel Vigneron. Lofaso has seen enough Top Chef and Food Network competitions to learn a few tricks to take down Marcel.

The Eric Greenspan versus Jet Tila bracket is a definite toss-up. The randomizer will definitely impact the outcome of this battle.

Lastly, the battle of the Top Chef winners, Michael Voltaggio versus Brooke Williamson should be a fierce cook. The two chefs have earned many accolades beyond that cooking competition. While either one could go far in the competition, the edge should go to Brooke. She just finds ways to bring creativity to the plate.

Food Network fans will have to watch the 90 minute premiere episode of Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions on Wednesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET to see if these predictions are correct.

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Will you be Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions? Which chef do you think has the best chance to win the title?