Sprinkles and Ashley Longshore celebrate fierce women

Sprinkles and Ashley Longshore celebrate Women's History Month, photo provided by Sprinkles
Sprinkles and Ashley Longshore celebrate Women's History Month, photo provided by Sprinkles /

Sprinkles and Ashley Longshore have the sweetest way to celebration Women’s History Month. Are you a fierce woman too?

What does it take to be fierce? Sprinkles and Ashley Longshore, the popular pop culture artist, have joined forces to celebrate women who make an impact. As part of Women’s History Month, the popular cupcake brand will be featuring Longshore’s artwork on its limited edition White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake cake. Who is your fierce icon?

When you hear the phrase, “She is fierce,” could you feel empowered? Throughout history, many women have made their mark on the world. From the notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) to Oprah to even Wonder Woman, there are strong, determined women who have changed how women approach life. Whether it is the courage to make a small change in her life to breaking down barriers, powerful, fierce women stand as a symbol of empowerment.

For Women’s History Month, Sprinkles has partnered with Ashley Longshore to highlight her artwork on a special limited-edition cupcake. The artwork will feature various women who have made an impact not only on women’s issues but also the world as a whole. From Michelle Obama to Amelia Earhart, Longshore’s artistic interpretations will adorn these cupcakes.

The special limited-edition cupcake is a White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake. It is described as “raspberry cake filled with raspberry compote, topped with raspberry white chocolate frosting.”

Although FoodSided hasn’t tried this cupcake, the flavors sound bright and sweet. The pairing of white chocolate and raspberry is perfect for the start of Spring. Plus, the raspberry compote filling should be a lovely punch of flavor in each bite.

A portion of the proceeds from these cupcake sales will be donated “to scholarships for students in the arts through The Ashley Longshore Charitable Trust.” Up to $20,000 will be provided to educational scholarships for artists.

The limited-edition White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake will be available through March 29, 2020. Decorations will rotate throughout the month. Additionally, “pre-set Dozen Red Box with a variety of best-selling Sprinkles flavor” will be available.

Why not give a Sprinkles Ashley Longshore cupcake to someone you think is fierce. That touch of sweet encouragement could be the empowerment that she needs?

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Do you have a woman that you would like to recognize for Women’s History Month?