Gal Gadot joins smartwater to enhance the hydration conversation


While many people have resolved to hydrate better, smartwater is looking to push the conversation further. With Gal Gadot, the brand adds a new perspective.

For 25 years, smartwater has brought a different perspective to the water category. As a premium, enhanced water, the brand sparks a different conversation about water, proper hydration and how it impacts everyone’s life and lifestyle.

Recently, the company announced that Gal Gadot would be the brand’s new ambassador. Over the years, the brand has worked with many celebrities and athletes. Recently, professional basketball player, Ben Simmons showed how smartwater’s products were an important part of his active lifestyle.

By adding Gadot as an ambassador, the brand can spark a bigger conversation. While exact details of its first ever TV commercial has yet to be revealed, Gadot brings more than just her beauty and strength to a campaign. She can be the catalyst to start an important conversation about balance.

While everyone has heard the numerous benefits to good hydration, the message has become commonplace. Although bottled water fills store shelves, consumers want more than just a plain beverage. They want enhancement that can fuel their busy lives and possibly their holistic approach to living.

Looking at the smartwater recent product launches, the brand is looking to give consumers more options as they seek life balance. Whether is it antioxidant smartwater or the new smartwater still flavors, consumers want beverages that fit into a total lifestyle.

smartwater, Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot partners with smartwater, photo provided by smartwater /

While Gadot might always be associated with her Wonder Woman portrayal, she has used that iconic character as a way to highlight a strong, confident, beautiful, smart woman. People are drawn to her not just for her power but also for the total persona that she embodies.

As this brand partnership evolves, it will be interesting to see how smartwater can bring the strength, beauty and balance to the common consumer. Granted, super hero powers are left to the movie screen, but smart hydration choices and proper balance can bring powerful differences to everyone’s life.

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What do you think of the Gal Gadot and smartwater partnership? Do you think that this brand ambassador will spark a new hydration conversation?