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If you are over boring, bland hydration, smartwater still flavors will excite your refreshment routine. These fruit forward electrolyte waters bring excitement to drinking water.

While everyone knows that drinking water is good for you, drinking plain water can be a chore. The new smartwater still flavors bring a little excitement to the hydration space. Could these flavorful waters have you feeling transported to a spa-like experience?

The bottled water market is always looking to innovative. As the electrolyte water scene grows, companies are looking for ways to keep consumers excited. Adding flavors can be the burst of excitement that consumers are jumping at the chance to try.

For some people, drinking water can be a chore. The idea that drinking another, plain, boring glass of water to get to the recommended daily amount can feel like that high school homework that was always looking over your head.

While people understand the benefits of drinking water, they want something more than just plain water. At the same time, those flavored options shouldn’t been filled with sugars or other additives. If the whole point of drinking water is to do better, adding in “extra stuff” defeats the purpose of drinking water.

The new smartwater still flavors bring four fruit forward flavor combinations to its electrolyte water brand. The flavored water is calorie free and contains no sweeteners. Basically, it is the flavor that people crave without the stuff they don’t want.

smartwater still flavors, cucumber lime, photo provided by smartwater

The new flavors are pineapple kiwi, strawberry blackberry, cucumber lime and watermelon mint. Looking at these flavors, they are slightly different from other flavored waters. In a way, they sound similar to a flavored water available at your favorite spa.

Overall, all of the flavors are inspired by flavors that could be found at a spa. The idea with these waters is to encourage drinkers to take a moment and to sip and relax. Even if there is chaos all around, a moment of pausing can be beneficial. It might not be a whole spa day, but a spa like moment can be that time to reset.

Additionally, these flavored waters are meant to be subtle. Although FoodSided hasn’t taste tested this product, the flavor combinations tend to play off complementary flavor profiles. There seems to be a touch of sweet with a touch of brightness.

The most interesting flavor is definitely the cucumber lime. This flavor combination is definitely spa-like and trend forward. It will be interesting to see if this flavored water replaces some people’s post-work out sports drink or afternoon soda break. It could set off a big change in drinking habits.

The new smartwater still flavors will be available starting January 1, 2020, just in time to kick off all those New Years resolutions.

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What do you think of smartwater still flavors? Will it change your hydration habits?