Sumo Citrus, an enormously tasty boost of vitamin C

Sumo Citrus Mandarin, photo provided by Sam's Club
Sumo Citrus Mandarin, photo provided by Sam's Club /

With everyone looking to boost vitamin C, Sumo Citrus is that huge, tasty mandarin that everyone cannot stop eating.

Have you had Sumo Citrus? While many people put a tiny mandarin in their lunch or grab it as an after school snack, these enormous mandarins are loved not only for their size but also for their taste. Are you ready to give them a peel?

During citrus season, everyone has a favorite treat. From the Florida Honeybell to those tart grapefruits, the boost of Vitamin C makes everyone grab a few extra pieces of fruit. There is something so refreshing about citrus on a brisk day.

Additionally, Vitamin C can be a great way to help boost your immunity. With so many people wanting to stay well, grabbing an extra piece of citrus fruit throughout the day is a great idea.

If you are looking for a different fruit to try, the Sumo Citrus is definitely worth the taste. These mandarins are huge. While they might still be cute, they are gigantic.

Looking at one of these fruits, there is a distinctive characteristic, the top knot. That tell-tale quality makes this citrus fruit unique.

Originally cultivated in Japan, the fruit is now grown in California. The variety was developed to create “the ultimate citrus experience.” While sweetness is the most known quality, these citrus fruits are easy to peel and are seedless. It has made it a popular seasonal citrus fruit.

While this fruit has grown in popularity, some people haven’t had the chance to try them. While their size is huge, the cost per pound was quite big, too. Now, there is another option.

Right now, Sam’s Club is offering Sumo Citrus at a great price. Right now, three pounds is sold at $7.98. That prize is around 30% less than other retailers.

If you are looking to go big with your citrus fruit, why not grab some Sumo Citrus. Extra vitamin C is always a good thing.

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Have you had Sumo Citrus? What did you think of it?