Hidden Valley Ranch continues to make ranch fans’ dreams come true

Do you want some Hidden Valley Ranch on Tap? Photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch
Do you want some Hidden Valley Ranch on Tap? Photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

Do you dream of creamy, rich Hidden Valley Ranch flowing from a tap? For a few lucky people, this ranch dream will become a reality.

After a hugely successful Christmas stocking promotion, Hidden Valley Ranch is back to fulfill your tastiest ranch dreams. While should just beer flow from a tap? On May 13, that creamy, tasty HVR  will flowing in New York City. Can you get enough ranch?

For many people ranch goes on everything. While many people believe that ranch is the only dipping sauce for chicken wings, that condiment is more than a spicy wing tamer. From a dollop on pizza to making that boring crudité edible, ranch is a staple in many people’s refrigerator.

Knowing how much people love their ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch is bringing the ultimate ranch experience to some lucky foodies. The Hidden Valley Ranch Tour will be taking over American Craft Beer Week in New York City. While some companies will be tapping the newest IPA, HVR will be tapping four kegs of its ranch.

Now, some people might happily eat ranch on its own. Although not a beverage, some people’s copious amounts of the condiment on salad, potato skins and that dreaded piece of broccoli might make it seem like a beverage. Still, ranch is best paired with another food.

Hidden Valley Ranch
Hidden Valley Ranch on Tap – Could your ranch dreams come true? photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch /

While this special tour will be celebrating HVR, the event will include some bar bites. It made FoodSided wonder, what could those bar bites be? Since it is American Craft Beer Week, it is assumed that traditional bar bites might be in order. Still, could HVR go a little out of the box?

Granted, it doesn’t seem likely that the ranch will be paired with cookies or other desserts. Still, maybe there is a sweeter recipe option that could throw everyone for a loop. Maybe there is a twist on a pound cake that could really work. You never know until you try it.

If you want to experience this once in a lifetime HVR Tap, make sure to head to special Eventbrite page at 9 p.m. EST on March 10 to try to score one of the 30 tickets. It could be make your ultimate ranch fantasy come true.

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What is the craziest food that you paired with ranch? Is there anything that really tastes worst with ranch on top?