Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza is back because bigger is better

Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza is back, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza is back, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

For pizza, bigger is always better. Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza is back and this Only from Pizza Hut classics proves people are craving more Hut.

Sometimes a blast from the past is just what everyone needs. Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza is returning to menus for a limited time. As part of the Only from Pizza Hut classics, this huge pizza offering will satisfy the biggest pizza craving. Are you ready to get dipping?

For many people, pizza is always a tasty choice. While people might debate pizza toppings, pizza style or method of pizza eating, it seems that pizza is universally liked. Even on bad day, a slice of pizza just seems to make it better. In a sense, it could be the ultimate comfort food.

Pizza Hut understands that people crave pizza. While everyone might have a favorite, sometimes a blast from the past can make people run to the Hut just to get that special offer. With this newest pizza offer, Pizza Hut is betting that a taste of nostalgia will have everyone agreeing, bigger is better.

The Pizza Hut Big Dipper pizza is a gigantic pizza offering for the iconic pizza brand. The Big Dipper has 24 pieces of cheesy deliciousness. Measuring at almost two feet in length, pizza fans better have a spot to place all this pizza goodness. While some hearty appetites might be able to make a dent, it is far from a personal pan pizza.

Available in cheese, pepperoni or half and half, the Big Dipper is more than just another square cut slice of pizza. This pizza is served with four dipping sauces. The sauces are “two marinara, one ranch and one honey BBQ.” The idea is that pizza is more fun when it is dipped.

Now, some people might not be a fan of pizza dipping. If you don’t want to dip, no one is telling you that it is mandatory. Still, the idea of being allowed to play with your food is fun.

Looking at the three dipping sauces, the honey BBQ sauce is interesting. While extra marinara is a given and everyone knows about ranch on pizza, how many people put honey BBQ sauce on pizza. Maybe this dipping food trend could become the next big thing.

The return of the Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza comes ahead of March Madness. As the Official Pizza Partner of the NCAA, the Big Dipper is the perfect pizza for all those watching parties.
To entice everyone to order a Big Dipper for the big games, here are some fun pizza facts:

"• It takes just over 3 ½ Big Dipper Pizzas to stand 6’9″ – the average height of an NCAA Basketball® Student Athlete• You only need a little over 5 Big Dipper Pizzas to equal the height of NCAA regulation basketball hoops• Going for three? The hoop is only about 11 Big Dipper Pizzas from the three-point line!"

Now, it isn’t clear if a 6’9” athlete eats more or less than 3 ½ Big Dipper pizzas to curb his appetite. Maybe a whole team could eat those 11 pizzas to the three-point line. No matter the scenario, it is clear that this pizza is huge.

The Pizza Hut Big Dipper Pizza is available for a limited time. It is available at participating locations and prices start at $12.99.

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Are you ready to dip and dunk your way through this gigantic Pizza Hut pizza? What other Only from Pizza Hut classics would you like to see return to the menu?