Baby Ruth: New innovations make the iconic chocolate bar even better

New, improved Baby Ruth - Photo by Cristine Struble
New, improved Baby Ruth - Photo by Cristine Struble /

The classic combination of chocolate and peanuts can be even better. Baby Ruth improved the iconic chocolate bar and candy fans are taking notice.

When was the last time that you had a Baby Ruth? The iconic chocolate bar made with peanuts, caramel and nougat has been a favorite with many candy fans. While the candy bar has a long, storied history, Ferrero understood that even a favorite can use a little innovation. Have you tasted the new, improved version?

Looking back, the classic Baby Ruth candy bar goes back to 1921 where a Chicago candy maker tweaked one of his recipes and created a version of what is sold today. While there has always been a connection to baseball, the candy bar was a marketing genius. Beyond the name, the pricing ensured that it was a resounding success. Whether first considered a meal replacement or an energy bar, it has always had a legion of fans.

Still, that connection to baseball has always remained. In 2006, it was the official candy bar of major league baseball. While that agreement as expired, it is believed that many baseball fans still enjoy that iconic chocolate bar. But, baseball fans aren’t the only people who enjoy this candy treat.

Currently part of the Ferrero Group, the Baby Ruth candy bar has seen a big change. While some people resist change to their favorite treats, this product innovation has been met with huge success. Recently awarded the 2020 Product of the Year in an American shoppers customer survey, it seems that the changes were a smart choice for the candy giant.

The biggest change to the candy bar is with the peanuts. Previously, oil roasted peanuts were used. Now, the new formulation features dry roasted peanuts. The difference in both flavor and texture is instantly noticeable.

The flavor of the peanuts comes through in each and every bite. While still covered in chocolate, the peanuts have more fresh peanut flavor. The difference from the dry roasting is noticeable.

Today’s consumer is looking for more flavor in her food choices. While some people look for added spices to bring that flavor, sometimes the flavor from the ingredient itself can be the best option. In this case, dry roasting the peanuts tends to make this candy bar more peanut forward. Instead of just being a textural element, the peanut almost becomes the star.

Additionally, the Baby Ruth has removed a food preservative and includes packaging seals that “help to lock in freshness.” Given that this candy bar has caramel and nougat, it is essential that the it stays fresh to ensure the best enjoyment. It is another example of putting flavor first.

With the new and improved version of the Baby Ruth on store shelves, it is the perfect time to rediscover this classic candy bar. Whether you enjoy one on a quiet afternoon, while watching a baseball game or add it to your favorite vanilla ice cream, the enhanced flavors are a definite treat. Sometimes an upgrade to a classic can be a good thing.

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When was the last time you enjoyed a Baby Ruth? What is your favorite candy bar?