Get Poppy! Lay’s Poppables embrace happy with Trolls World Tour collaboration

A little snacking fun is something everyone can get behind. Lay’s Poppables is feeling totally Poppy with a new collaboration with Trolls World Tour.

Looking for a little snacking harmony? Lay’s Poppables has gotten a Trolls World Tour makeover. With some of the favorite Trolls characters featured on the Lay’s packaging, everyone might be wanting to get a little Poppy. Who’s ready to pop open some Poppables?

Now hitting store shelves, the Lay’s Poppables and Trolls World Tour packages feature several of the characters from the upcoming movie. In addition to the special packaging, consumers enter a special sweepstakes where they can experience their own “world tour” through six musical festivals. In addition, other prizes can be won through the sweepstakes.

But, the collaboration can be more than just the opportunity to win a great prize. The packaging does give consumers a little sense of fun, lightheartedness and especially a touch of color.

According to Sadira Furlow, vice president of marketing at PepsiCo, “Lay’s Poppables’ airy crunch and colorful packaging already perfectly match the vibrant world of the ‘Trolls’ films, so we wanted to bring both worlds together to create a fun experience for our fans.”

Thinking about Lay’s Poppables, the snack is fun to eat. The light airy consistency of each “chip” is different from other snacks. It is the type of snack that can be popped in the mouth one at a time or eaten by the handful.

That fun eating aspect extends to the flavors. The newest flavor, salt and vinegar, offers that bold punch of flavor that has snackers going back bite after bite. Never too overwhelming, the flavor is balanced by the texture of the chip. The crispiness allows the vinegar flavor to hit than fade. That experience is why these snacks are so addictive. You just keep going back for more.

The same can be said about the creamy jalapeno. Although jalapeno, and other spicy flavors, are trending, this snack is a more subtle version. Due to the creamy factor, the spice from the jalapeno is slightly tamed. It is the spicy snack for the slightly heat adverse.

In addition, Lay’s Poppables flavors with the Trolls World Tour package include sea salt, Honey BBQ and White Cheddar. One fun idea to enjoy these snacks is to combine a couple of flavors into a single snack bowl. Definitely try the White Cheddar and Creamy Jalapeno together. It could become the new snack obsession.

The limited edition Lay’s Poppables featuring the Trolls World Tour Collaboration are available in stores now. Trolls World Tour is scheduled to arrive in movie theaters on April 10, 2020.

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What is your favorite Lay’s Poppables flavor? Are you ready to get Poppy and embrace happy with your snack?

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