AHA Sparkling Water: Flavor fusions that bring exciting refreshment

Coca-Cola launches AHA sparkling water.. Photo by Cristine Struble
Coca-Cola launches AHA sparkling water.. Photo by Cristine Struble /

Have you popped open a can of AHA Sparkling Water? The innovative Coca-Cola sparkling water brings flavor fusions that are disrupting the beverage market.

Bright, bold and far from boring. That description captures the new AHA Sparkling Water from Coca-Cola. As more consumers are drawn to sparkling waters, Coca-Cola is looking to disrupt the market in a new way. From colorful packaging to flavor fusions, it is time to say AHA to a new beverage.

Sparkling water has seen a burst in popularity. From making water exciting to a substitute to soda, these beverages offer invigorating flavor combinations yet are often no calorie, no sugar. As more and more people gravitate to these sparkling waters, the flavors continue to expand. From borrowing from favorite beverages to pushing the flavor envelope, the options are many.

The new AHA Sparkling Water from Coca-Cola takes a different approach to sparkling water. The flavor focus is on duos, more importantly unexpected duos. While some flavor combinations are not totally radical, the emphasis is about standing out on a crowded shelf. That mission has been accomplished.

In the line, there are eight flavor fusions. They are “Lime + Watermelon, Strawberry + Cucumber, Citrus + Green Tea, Black Cherry + Coffee, Orange + Grapefruit, Apple + Ginger, Blueberry + Pomegranate and Peach + Honey.”

While these flavors might not be overly exotic, they are less expected. It is often that lime and watermelon are in a beverage. Those flavors might be found in your favorite savory dish, but not often in your glass.

Truthfully, these sparkling waters can be make amazing food and beverage pairings. The duo aspect lends itself to creativity. Just like a great cocktail or wine can highlight food’s flavor, so can these beverages.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a few flavors of AHA Sparkling Water. As a fan of sparkling water, I was curious about the duo aspect, especially the unexpected combinations. Although my sampling choices leaned more to the traditional side, these flavors were bolder than the traditional sparkling water.

Out of the four flavors, the orange grapefruit has the most possibilities. The beverage had a sweet yet slightly tart slant. It was quite refreshing.

More importantly, it leans itself to a delightful pairing with some tacos. While tacos and margaritas are great, this option made the fish tacos even more lively. It offered the perfect flavor balance of sweet and brightness to the taco’s spice.

Looking at another options, the citrus + green tea is a wonderful beverage when a little boost is needed. With some caffeine, this option is a great choice instead of a traditional green tea. The flavors are similar but the bubbles add a touch of effervescence. It was definitely a nice surprise. Although I will never give up my coffee, this beverage could be the grab and go option on a hot day.

Overall, the AHA Sparkling Water has found a unique perspective in the sparkling water market. From the flavor duos to the brightly colored cans, the vibrant attitude that this line projects will entice a lot of people to put a case in their cart.

AHA Sparkling Water is available at various retailers. It is part of the Coca-Cola company.

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Are you ready to take a sip of the unexpected? The delightful duos are ready for you.