Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar and Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar give fans options

Photo: Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar .. Image Courtesy Pepsi
Photo: Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar .. Image Courtesy Pepsi /

Pepsi understands that giving its fans what they like is important. By adding Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar to Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar, fans have options.

Ready for more options? Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar joins Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar and the classic Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla. Since Pepsi fans like their flavors to stand on their own, these new options give everyone a little more variety.

Many people have a favorite beverage. Whether it is a classic Pepsi or a new Zero Sugar variety or a flavored Pepsi, there is usually a particular beverage that sits on everyone’s refrigerator shelf. Whether drunk with a meal or just a touch of refreshment during the day, everyone has that drink that she just prefers.

Since Pepsi understands that its Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla have their fans, it decided to add these flavors to its zero sugar varieties. According to Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing – Pepsi, “We have always known that Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Vanilla have been fan favorites, so we couldn’t be more excited to now have them both available in zero sugar varieties.”

The rise of the zero sugar beverage category has been great in the past year. As consumers look to enjoy their favorite beverages, they would prefer to have a balance in their lifestyle. The option of a zero sugar beverage that tastes like their favorite beverage is a great choice for them.

Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry
Photo: Pepsi Zero Sugar Wild Cherry.. Image Courtesy Pepsi /

Everyone is an individual. Where one beverage appeals to some, it may not appeal to others. Pepsi understands that people like what they like and that concept should be celebrated.

Launched earlier this year, Pepsi’s “That’s What I Like” campaign celebrates that idea. No need to apologize about having a favorite beverage. It is time to celebrate what you like proudly. Occasionally, it can be ok to take a moment to say this flavor is my favorite, no excuses, no apologies, just stating what you like

Whether it is the Pepsi ad campaign or just a moment in life, little moments of happiness can and should be celebrated. Sure, popping open a can of Pepsi might not change the world but it can be that moment of respite that everyone can appreciate. In difficult times, a moment of normalcy can make a difference.

Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar and Pepsi Vanilla Zero Sugar are available where other Pepsi products are sold.

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What is your favorite beverage? Do have you switched to Zero Sugar beverages?