Pepsi Café, energy, indulgence and refreshment in a can


Need a pick-me up? Pepsi Café is the latest beverage coming to store shelves but will it replace your cold brew?

Pepsi Café is the newest cola, coffee beverage to hit store shelves. While Pepsi made the announcement today, the new beverage will not be available to the public until April 2020. Do you think this can will become your new caffeine fix?

Blending cola and coffee can be a delightful flavor combination. In this newest beverage innovation from Pepsi, the classic cola is blended with some roasted Arabica coffee. While there is a caffeine boost, the beverage should have the right combination of crisp and rich.

Available in both original and vanilla, it can be the new twist for the personal who likes an afternoon energy boost. While cold brew and iced coffee offer that energy, they lack the carbonation that many people prefer. This new beverage could cause many people to change their afternoon routine.

Additionally, those people who prefer energy drinks might be looking for a coffee flavored alternative. Whether other beverages are fruit forward, this beverage should be more like a traditional soda with a bigger kick and a smoother taste.

Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing, Pepsi said, “We are confident that cola fans, iced coffee drinkers and anyone in need of an extra caffeine boost will love the unexpected flavor medley of roasted coffee infused into the refreshing, crisp flavor of Pepsi.”

Previously, Pepsi had a cola/coffee beverage. Pepsi Kona. While that beverage might have been ahead of its time in 1996, the market seems to be ready for this cola/coffee take.

Looking at the flavors, Original and Vanilla, the flavors should have a touch of sweetness. Whether the hint of caramel from the Pepsi or the sweetness of vanilla, these beverages might be the satisfying treat when a person is wanting a little indulgence.

It will be interesting to see the versatility of this beverage. While it is set to be sold 12-oz, slim cans, it could become more than just a grab and go beverage.

Just like other beverages or energy drinks, it could be the perfect mixer to a variety of cocktails. While not necessarily the intention, it is good for a beverage to be versatile.

Pepsi Café will hit store shelves in 2020. More details will probably be revealed closer to the launch date.

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What do you think of the Pepsi Café? Would you want to try it?