Burger King free kids meals and other restaurant delivery deals

Burger King 2 free kids meal promotion, photo provided by Burger King
Burger King 2 free kids meal promotion, photo provided by Burger King /

Restaurant delivery deals can be a little positive right now. From Burger King free kids meals to waived delivery fees, these little gestures can make a difference.

Where available, restaurant delivery deals can offer a little semblance of normal. From kids learning from home to parents working from home, that food delivery can be a break to the day at home. Are you ready to enjoy Burger King free kids meals?

Many people have a routine. It could be the morning coffee stop, curbing a food craving or just enjoying a special treat to make the week seem better. With everyone’s routine turned upside, it can feel unsettling.

While eating in a restaurant might not be possible, many quick service companies and local restaurants are finding ways to bring that favorite food to guests. Companies like DoorDash and Grubhub have waived restaurant’s collection fees to help. Social media has sparked ideas like #CarryOutWednesday. Now even more restaurants are finding ways to help families bring a little happy to meal time.

Burger King understands that a kids meal can be a bright spot for kids adjusting to the new normal. Starting on Monday, March 20, “Burger King is offering TWO FREE kids meals with any purchase via the BK app for takeout/drive-thru nationwide at participating U.S restaurants while supplies last.”

In addition, this offer is even more generous. “The coupon offer can be redeemed one time per guest daily through April 6, 2020.” Lastly, free delivery is available for orders over $10.

KFC wants to satisfy that craving for the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices. Now through April 26, it will offer free delivery through kfc.com, Grubhub.com or Seamless.com.

Cheesecake Factory is encouraging delivery and curbside ordering. For any takeout order, Cheesecake Factory is offering a free slice of cheesecake. With takeout orders of $30 or more, guests can get a free slice of cheesecake. Use code FREESLICE now through April 16, 2020.

Many other restaurants are offering delivery promotions and other offers. Check delivery apps, social media and other resources for a variety of offers.

Lastly, many areas are offering free meals for students. Since many children rely on school breakfast and lunch, local services, food pantries and other organizations are providing free meals for students.

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Do you know of restaurant delivery deals in your area? Do you know of a restaurant that is helping the community? Share your information in the comments section.