Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast premiere review: Cooking to win

Tyler Florence, as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, season 12. photo provided by Food Network
Tyler Florence, as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, season 12. photo provided by Food Network /

Tyler Florence got The Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast rolling in style for the new season. Did the food trucks discover the good life?

The Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast kicked off the new season in style. While the shiny new food trucks and the aspiring food truck teams were exciting to get rolling, the competition might not have been as easy as it seemed. Sometimes smart business is better than the food.

In every season of The Great Food Truck Race, the food trucks have to remember that this competition is not necessarily about being the best chef. It isn’t Top Chef food truck.

Running a food truck is a delicate balance between great food and smart business. Without the right balance, that food truck will be shuttered in a hurry.

Of course, the food truck needs to serve delicious food. In this competition, the food is going to be good, otherwise there would be no show. Still, it is a competition. Whether it is driving customers to the food truck or playing the challenges wisely, those factors can, and do, bring success.

Looking at the first challenge, the food truck teams had a tall order. The idea was to create extraordinary hors d’oeuvres. With private jets and private travel as the inspiration, the dish needed to have a unique spin yet not miss the appropriate audience.

Did you know that hors d’oeuvres means out of the ordinary? Sometimes, there is more than food learning on Food Network shows.

With every food truck getting a piece of sirloin as the main ingredient, it was curious that the dishes were so tied to each truck’s theme. Sure, every truck needed to stay on brand, but there could have been a few more twists and turns in this first challenge. In reality, it didn’t necessarily give fans a great glimpse into what the food trucks could do.

Still, this challenge was about impressing Tyler, which is no easy task. Just because this dish impresses Tyler, doesn’t mean that it would be a big food truck seller.

Based on the flavor and the creativity, Team Mystikka Masala won. There meatball earned Tyler’s praise. If anyone would have guessed that a meatball would have won the first challenge might still have a perfect bracket for Tournament of Champions.

This win did give an edge to Mystikka Masala. Who ever would have thought to put Indian and Mexican foods together for a fusion? Maybe this idea will replace poke.

As the teams progress through day one, the biggest team that might be the story of the season is Team Bachelor Kitchen. Although the background clip said that they grew up in restaurants, their choices are lacking maturity.

When Tyler sees their food truck looking like a disaster, he should have shut it down. In some ways, it almost looked like a Restaurant Impossible episode. It was horrible. These teams do not have to be professional chefs, but they shouldn’t be allowed to have that mess. Plus, shirts in a kitchen, any kitchen are a must.

Going into the second challenge, the food trucks had to create a dish using champagne. Again, this challenge was not necessarily about the test tasting dish; it was the best selling dish. While the foodie watching from home might pick a dish based on flavors, this challenge was about business. Unfortunately, that aspect lead to a disappointing outcome.

Like other seasons, the selling portion can outweigh the cooking expertise. While everyone hopes it goes hand in hand, it sometimes does not. With immunity on the line, Bachelor Kitchen decided to make only the champagne special.

By selling only one dish, they were almost guaranteed immunity and they did earn immunity. It was unfortunate. Even though they had the lowest overall total for the weekend (and would have gone home), they moved onto next week.

Their dish probably wasn’t the best dish, most flavorful dish or most creative dish. It was a pure business decision. Hopefully the next immunity challenge involves flavor not just selling.

As for the other food trucks, it is hard to tell a top contender from an uncertain one. The Lunch Ladies did extremely well in the first episode. Given their background as lunch ladies and cooks, they should do well in this season. Experience does pay.

Also, Mystikka Masala should do well. The fusion food is different and could get a lot of eyes. Given the location, it should do well.

As for the two bottom teams this week, they struggled for a lot of reasons. Team Fat Kid doesn’t necessarily have food that might appeal to the Gold Coast. Maybe a lighter option to balance the heavy could work in their favor.

Team Eat My Crust seemed to suffer some lack of confidence and direction. While they might be able to bench press a food truck, they didn’t seem to have the confidence in their food. Although the avocado toast trend hasn’t died, some people are moving away from eating toast.

It can be hard to have a food truck that relies on bread. Maybe if the bread was homemade, but that scenario cannot happen in The Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast.

The first food truck eliminated The Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast was Eat My Crust. It was just not the right time for this team.

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What did you think of The Great Food Truck Race Gold Coast premiere? Are you waiting for Bachelor Kitchen to go home?