Russell Stover Chocolate Sours: Bringing the pucker to Easter baskets

New Russell Stover Sours, photo provided by Russell Stover
New Russell Stover Sours, photo provided by Russell Stover /

Hop to a new Easter candy. Russell Stover Chocolate Sours combine sweet with a pucker and the Easter Bunny definitely approves.

Looking to a new candy to the Easter basket? Russell Stover Chocolate Sours have brought the pucker to the Easter basket. The Russell Stover, iconic chocolate brand, has found a way to bring a new twist to those classic chocolate bunnies. Who’s up for a little pucker?

One of the biggest candy trends has been sour flavors. From big, bold sour tastes to integrating the fruit-sour into other flavors, people are looking for flavor combinations. They want those traditional flavors to take on a new flavor appearance.

While various gummy candies often highlight the sour, incorporating the sour into a chocolate candy is quite interesting. Although chocolate often embraces spice, like chili and peppers, the sour component adds a new level. In a way, it makes it fresh.

The Russell Stover Chocolate Sours take white chocolate and incorporate one of three sour flavors. The three flavors are Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Watermelon. Each one offers its own spin on the white chocolate, fruity sour flavor.

By using white chocolate fudge, the sweetness of the white chocolate offers a nice balance to the sour flavor. Each bite goes from sweet to sour and back again. While milk and dark chocolate are more common in the Easter basket, these new Easter candies are definitely a nice twist.

The blue raspberry brings the punch of flavor. While chocolate and raspberry are a classic combination, this version is brighter. The sour keeps the chocolate from being too rich. It is a flavor combination to definitely try.

Given that Easter candy often is around a little longer than the Easter bunny himself, these Russell Stover Sour candies would be delicious mixed into a vanilla ice cream, especially the Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Bunnies. The combination of the sweet and sour would make a perfect bite.

Also, breaking up the bigger bunnies into a sugar cookie topping or even a brownie topping, the flavor combination would be amazing. Basically, there are many options to enjoying these Russell Stover candies in addition to just eating them.

The Russell Stover Chocolate Sours are available both online and at various retailers. Just like the Easter Bunny, it is best to enjoy them before they hop away.

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What is your favorite Russell Stover Easter candy? What candies do you put in an Easter basket?