Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Home Edition: Bringing music to social distancing


As everyone adjusts to the new normal, Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Home Edition is looking to bring a little music to everyone and raising funds as well.

Tired of binge watching? Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Home Edition is bringing its series to social media. Last night the first of several Bud Light activations. While the music helps to bring the happy, these events are raising funds for charity, too. Who’s ready to watch?

As social distancing becomes the new norm, everyone is looking to find ways to entertain themselves. In many ways, music can elevate people’s moods. While some people are turning to streamline Broadway musicals or even rediscovering their love playing music, sometimes it is nice to just hear live music and find a moment of normal.

Recently, the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour has been hugely successful. Since many people enjoy hanging out at those smaller, more intimate settings, these Bud Light events have been ways for fans to enjoy their favorite artists in that way. From Lady Gaga to Post Malone, the series has covered the wide spectrum of music.

According to Shana Barry, Director of Experiential Marketing for Bud Light: In these uncertain times, we want to make sure we can still deliver a fun experience for music fans while keeping everyone safe. The Dive Bar Tour was created to bring people together over Bud Lights, and our new Home Edition will do that virtually while supporting causes that are so important to us and our talent partners.

Last night, the first Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Home Edition featured GRAMMY nominated country artist, Jake Owen. Throughout the concert, he played some of his favorite songs and even took requests from fans. For a little bit of time, everyone took a break from the chaotic world.

Owen said, “Music brings people together, and though we are home trying to keep everyone safe, we still want to entertain you and offer the fans a sense of comfort and support.”

While the music might have soothed some souls, the event had an even more positive effect. Owen chose the American Red Cross as his charity partner.

Bud Light is going to continue these Bud Light Dive Bar Home Edition shows. Check back on Bud Light’s socials for updates and upcoming events.

Also, if you want to have an ice cold Bud Light to enjoy while watching, there is a Drizly promotion, too. First time orders will receive $5 off with the code BUDLIGHT.

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