No fooling – Nailed It Season 4 returns to Netflix on April 1

Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix
Nailed It Season 3 on Netflix, photo provided by Netflix /

It is not an April Fools joke. Nailed It Season 4 returns to Netflix on April 1. After looking at this new batch of baking disasters, maybe it should be a joke.

Nailed It Season 4 starts with a simple question – to bake or not to bake? On this Netflix show, does anyone really bake? These baking disasters are usually far from edible. With the new Nailed It season starting on April 1, the joke is definitely on the “bakers.”

Now on its fourth season, Nailed It is Netflix food TV at its most humorous. There are times where everyone just cannot believe their eyes. Who knows if these “contestants” are encouraged to create an utter disaster or if they are really that bad? Still, people keep watching and the failures keep coming.

Everyone loves a good baking fail, you know that you’ve laughed at those Publix Toilet Paper cakes recently or the wrong sayings on cakes. There is that moment where people think – at least it wasn’t me.

Check out the trailer for Nailed It Season 4.

Looking at the preview video, these disasters are perplexing. Granted, cake decorating is hard. It is asking a lot for these “bakers” to re-create these desserts.

The biggest concern with this show is that the bakers don’t learn anything. It is really about just laughing at the mistake. Why can’t they walk away from this experience with something more than just – I wasn’t the worst failure?

Look at Worst Cooks in America. Even in this previous season with Alton Brown’s harsh criticism, those cooks walked away with the ability to make at least one dish (that hopefully won’t give someone food poisoning).

In Nailed It, do the judges even want to pick up their forks? Do you ever wonder how big of a Tums supply is on set? Maybe once, it would be nice to see a contestant learn from the experience and make a real, edible cake. Could Nailed It Season 5 bring back former contestants for a see how far they have come episode?

If you are ready for another batch of baking disasters, Nailed It Season 4 debuts on Netflix, April 1. Be sure to catch up on Seasons 1 through 3 now.

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Are you ready for the ultimate April Fools Day baking joke? Who will watching Nailed It Season 4?