Starburst Swirlers, the classic Starburst twist is a new flavor experience

New Starburst Swirlers, photo provided by Starburst
New Starburst Swirlers, photo provided by Starburst /

The classic fruit flavored candy is getting a twist. The Starburst Swirlers are newest innovation that will have people asking which flavor is first?

If you love Starburst, the new Starburst Swirlers will be a must try. The fruity, chewy candy is innovating in a new way. These stick-shaped treats are unique way to enjoy those classic flavors. But, does it matter which end that you eat first?

Starburst candies have always been a favorite fruit flavored candy. While people might debate the most popular flavor or celebrate being that pink Starburst, those square shaped, chewy candies are like unwrapping a treat.

Over the years, Starburst has found ways to innovative the classic candy. The classic square shape has gone mini sized. Then the chewy texture was transformed into Starburst Gummies. Even that gummy version got an upgrade with Starburst GummiBurst.

The fruit flavor is one of the reasons why Starburst is so popular. Around Easter, the Starburst Jellybeans are always a popular choice. Those jellybeans have all the classic flavors, just in the different format.

Since candy fans are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite candies, the new Starburst Swirlers turn the squares into a vertical, stick-shaped treat. The stick-shaped treats come in three flavors, Strawberry-Cherry, Strawberry-Orange and Cherry-Lemon. Which begs the question, which flavor side do you eat first?

When people eat a package of Starburst, there is often a flavor pattern. Although some people eat all one flavor at a time or maybe they eat the candies as they are ordered in a package. For this new candy, the flavor combinations could change how a person thinks about the candy. Maybe one time you start with the lemon side and the next time you start with the cherry.

Additionally, depending on the bite, you could get a combination flavor. Just think of the idea of a cherry-lemon (aka cherry lemonade-ish) flavor in a single bite. In a way, this candy innovation almost creates new flavors.

The new Starburst Swirlers are available nationwide. A 2.96 oz share size packs have a suggested retail price of $1.99.

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Are you excited to try the new Starburst Swirlers? What is your favorite Starburst flavor?