Cookie Madness: Church Windows vs. Coconut Pecan Cookies

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Cookie Madness, Cookie Brackets Round 1: Church Windows Cookies vs. Coconut Pecan Cookies

Church Window Cookies are another traditional holiday favorite, mostly in the northern states. Coconut Pecan Cookies are very popular anytime, especially in the southern Unites States where pecan groves flourish in the warm climate. Have you tried either one of these cookie types, which are regional favorites? If not, here’s your chance to venture out and try something new.

Church Window Cookies

Church Windows are named because they look exactly like a stained glass window seen on the outside of a church. They are brightly colored by the marshmallows, balanced and “framed” by the melted chocolate to give it structure. When combined with coconut and the optional walnut chunks, they are delicious.

Church windows are best made with semi-sweet chocolate, but milk chocolate can also be used. An optional add in to your recipe is chopped walnuts, however I usually omit those for my family. Would you like to make a batch?

A Church Window recipe to try on your own can be found with this link.

Coconut Pecan Cookies

This cookie also sweetens with a touch of coconut. Sweet, crunchy, soft in the middle – all of the best parts needed to make a cookie a favorite! It is also very simple to make, with ingredients usually in the pantry. If all of the ingredients are in your hands, start to finish should only take an hour or so until you get a finished product.

Coconut Pecan cookies can be made for any occasion – to pack in school lunches, to have as a snack after work, or to munch on when you get a hankering for sweets.  These cookies need to be rolled in balls, then dipped in a cinnamon and sugar mixture to coat before placing on the tray to bake.

Use this recipe to make a batch of Coconut Pecan Cookies so you can try this matchup head to head and decide who to vote for in the Twitter poll.

If you still need to print your brackets to get started, the full set with round one is here.

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