Working from Home cocktail puts the pantry to use

Working at Home cocktail, photo provided by Don Papa Rum
Working at Home cocktail, photo provided by Don Papa Rum /

As everyone stays in, the Working From Home cocktail is the perfect libation to kick back at the end of the day. Plus, all the ingredients are in the pantry.

With everyone staying in, this Working From Home cocktail is the perfect diversion to take a break from the daily grind. While many places are offering cocktails to go, many people are looking to the pantry some cocktail inspiration. Are you ready to get that cocktail shaker moving?

Sometimes a good cocktail can be the highlight of the day. Whether people are hosting virtual happy hours or just enjoying a night with family, everyone can appreciate a moment to just relax.

Many mixologists are sharing some amazing cocktails to keep everyone’s spirits lifted. Whether you want something simple, something elevated or a combination, it is time to break out that cocktail shaker.

Recently Ben Rojo, the Don Papa Rum Brand Ambassador and the NYC Mixologist at Angel’s Share and Black Emperor, created two cocktails that are perfect for the current stay in culture. By using some pantry staples, everyone can become an at home mixologist.

Since many people are working from home, why not working from home cocktail? Check out this option.

"WORKING FROM HOMEIngredients:2 oz Don Papa Rum2 oz leftover coffee0.5 oz maple syruppinch of cinnamon powderpinch of cocoa powderpinch saltMethod:Combine all ingredients in your mug of choice.To enjoy cold, add a few cubes of ice and stir.Otherwise, nuke for a minute or so, then add a splash of coconut milk.Congratulations, you’re officially being productive!"

Coffee is often a staple in many people’s homes, left over coffee is a possibility. Why not turn that morning drink into an afternoon sipper.

The flavors in this cocktail are relatively straightforward. Also, the flavors are a little on the sweet side. This drink could be a dessert replacement, too.

With more people cooking at home, sometimes breakfast for dinner is a great option. This cocktail is a twist on a breakfast staple, orange juice. While orange juice and sparkling wine is a combination, this version with the Don Papa Rum is quite tasty.

In many ways, this cocktail is alike a grown-up creamsicle. If it is a hot day, maybe it could be a delightful way to cool off. Plus, that dash of cayenne pepper does offer a cooling effect, in addition to the spice.

Here’s how to make Breakfast for Dinner.

"BREAKFAST FOR DINNERIngredients:1.5 oz Don Papa Rum2 oz orange juice1 tsp marmalade1 tbsp vanilla ice creampinch of cayenne pepperpinch of saltMethod:If you’ve got a shaker at home, combine all ingredients with a scoop of ice and go to town.If you don’t have a shaker, toss everything in a blender with a half scoop of ice and fix yourself a creamsicle.Serve with buttered toast and a side of bacon, preferably with a bathrobe and slippers."

If you don’t have Don Papa Rum in the house, it is available at Caskers, Drizly and other local retailers.

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