Margarita Mondays, time to shake up some marvelous margaritas

Cointreau Original Margarita, photo provided by Cointreau
Cointreau Original Margarita, photo provided by Cointreau /

If the days seems to be blending together, Margarita Mondays can be the perfect reason to step away from the work, television or other distractions.

Monday can be marvelous with Margarita Mondays. All this working at home means that happy hour can start a little earlier. Even if you are wearing the same yoga pants from last week, no one sees below that virtual desk. It is time to step away from the spreadsheet and shake up a marvelous margarita.

While a margarita is considered a classic cocktail, even the best mixologists can learn a few new tricks. Starting today, Cointreau and its Cointreau Brand Ambassadors are kicking off a new series, Virtual Margarita Monday.

Each Monday, a Cointreau Brand Ambassador and an influencer will take to @Cointreau_US to live stream some marvelous margarita recipes. Even if you don’t have the ingredients in your bar, take some notes. You could impress everyone with you next virtual happy hour.

Speaking of happy hour, every Friday, Cointreau will share a new Cointreau Cocktail Hour. The series will have local bartenders from across the country take over the brand’s Instagram account. Each week, these bartenders will share a specialty cocktail. By the end of all this self-distancing, there is no excuse not to be able to mix a stellar cocktail.

While these virtual events are entertaining, it highlights a huge crisis in the restaurant industry. From your favorite neighborhood bar to that trendy place that was always packed, the empty barstools and darken halls mean that people are out of work.

During the Cointreau Cocktail Hour, anyone can make a donation to these bartenders. Think of it as a virtual tip jar. Additionally, Cointreau will match all social donations up to $10,000.

Additionally, Cointreau has donated $100,000 to the USBG Foundation Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. This fund supports bartenders and hospitality workers. Cointreau understands that these service industry workers have been a part of the 170 years of its success.

Whether you understand that day it is or just want to take a break from the norm, why not join shake things up with Margarita Mondays. With this new idea, Mondays don’t look so bad after all.

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