New Pizza Hut deal, 3 topping pizzas are better than one

Pizza Hut Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Need a hot fresh, pizza? The new Pizza Hut deal means that you do not have to choose just one topping, you can have triple the choices.

Looking for another reason to order Pizza Hut? The new Pizza Hut deal gives pizza fans triple the reason to order another pizza this week. What toppings will you put on your $9.99 large three-topping pizza?

Sometimes a favorite pizza can be just the slice to make the day seem a little more “normal.” While everyone might be working from home, social distancing and even being a teacher’s helper, there are certain aspects of life that continue. Pizza cravings are real.

The new $9.99 Pizza Hut large, three-topping pizza deal can make dinner time a little easier. Even if you haven’t stepped away from the couch in hours or you can’t remember the last time you wore shoes, a pizza delivery can make the yelling about who didn’t wash the dishes just seem less annoying.

Since this new Pizza Hut deal focuses on three-topping pizzas, there is a question on the table. What three toppings would be on your pizza? Of course, many people opt for pepperoni and sausage. Maybe this pizza offer could spark a new choice. Just, maybe avoid the pineapple. Fruit goes on dessert pizza.

Given today’s climate, Pizza Hut is listening to people’s concerns. The restaurants have made contactless delivery a priority from start to finish.

According to Pizza Hut, the following measures are taken. “Contactless delivery starts at the store once your pizza leaves Pizza Hut’s 400+ degree oven, slides hands-free into the box, and then is delivered straight to your home without anyone touching it once it comes out of the oven. To give you further peace of mind, Pizza Hut goes the extra step to place your pizza box in an airtight liner to protect it from further direct handling.”

For Pizza Hut orders, the company offers three methods of getting that hot, fresh pizza. Customers can choose from contactless delivery, contactless carryout and contactless curbside pickup (where available).

Additionally, Pizza Hut has 30,000 open, permanent positions available within the U.S. From cooks to restaurant managers, there are a wide variety of positions open. For more details, please visit

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Who is ready to order a $9.99 Pizza Hut three-topping pizza? What is your favorite pizza topping?