Is the trendiest pizza your favorite classic pizza?


Whether celebrating National Pizza Day or just Friday night dinner, this year’s trendiest pizza might be on your table. But, is it the favorite classic pizza, too?

Can you guess the trendiest pizza? For many people any day is a great reason to enjoy pizza, but National Pizza Day is a perfect excuse to have pizza at every meal. While a favorite classic pizza might be everyone’s go to pizza choice, are more people pushing the pizza trends?

Whenever there is a food holiday, Grubhub shares some interesting data on food trends. With National Pizza Day on February 9, the food company looked at the trendiest pizzas based on its many pizza orders. Although food trends might be focusing on global flavors and plant-based food options, the Grubhub findings seem to prove classic pizzas can still be trendy.

According to Grubhub, the five trendiest pizzas are:

"Margherita pizzaGarlic supreme pizzaMac and cheese pizzaChicken, ranch and bacon pizzaNeapolitan pizza"

Looking at this list, the margherita pizza is a classic pizza never goes out of style. It is interesting that this pizza tops a trendiest pizza list. Sometimes a classic can be new again.

When done well, a margherita pizza is perfection. The crisp crust, the touch of sauce, the fresh basil and the rich mozzarella make it a perfect bite. It could be the perfect time to rediscover this particular pizza.

Looking at the other pizzas on the trendiest list, it is interesting that pepperoni, sausage and other bold meats do not make the list. So many people crave that meat-supreme pizza. It is refreshing that these trending pizzas are bringing the focus back to the pizza, not just the toppings.

The most curious aspect to these Grubhub findings is that plant-based pizzas aren’t dominating the trendy lists. With some many people looking to cauliflower crusts or plant-based proteins to transform the traditional pizza, those food trends aren’t finding their way to the top of these lists. Maybe people are just really wanting those classic pizzas.

In a way, pizza will always be a craveable food and trends will ebb and flow. Maybe next year, all those plant-based foods and global flavors will top the trendiest list.

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How will you be celebrating National Pizza Day? Will you be eating the trendiest pizza or something more traditional?