Izzlers: What happened to the Twizzlers twists?

Twizzlers changes to izzlers, photo provided by Twizzlers
Twizzlers changes to izzlers, photo provided by Twizzlers /

What are Izzlers? This new candy begs the question, are Twizzlers still Twizzlers without the twists?

For 90 years, Twizzlers are the iconic twisted licorice candy has been a favorite. While there have been numerous variations on that candy, the twisted appearance is part of the candy. With Izzlers, that twist is gone. Without a twist, are they still Twizzlers?

In a recent Hershey’s announcement, the new candy brings a little unexpected to the classic. The classic strawberry flavor is still part of every bite. The only thing that is missing is a twist.

This new untwisted candy has everyone wondering, why did the twist disappear? Shannon Wilkinson, manager Twizzlers brand, said, “Maybe we wanted to do something unexpected, or maybe we had an issue on the production line. The world may never know, but what we do know, is that Izzlers candy is fun, delicious and only here for a very limited time.”

Even a classic candy can benefit from an unexpected twist, or untwist, periodically. Last year, Hershey’s iconic chocolate bars put emojis on the chocolate. The taste never changed, just the appearance looked different. It brought a little excitement back to the classic candy.

This untwisted approach in Izzlers brings excitement to the iconic brand. Everyone will want to try the untwisted version to see if no twist really makes a difference. While the flavor is the same, does that twist really matter?

The strawberry flavor is still the same. The way that you eat this candy is the same. Still, some people might like the smoother, untwisted texture to this licorice candy.

The biggest question that everyone will have, does the untwisted version still have that iconic hole? Yes, some people use Twizzlers as a straw.

If you want to do a taste test for yourself, try to grab a bag soon. These Izzlers are available for only a limited time.

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Do you think that Twizzlers are Twizzlers without the twist? What is your favorite candy?