Tasty non-chocolate Easter candy that needs to hop into your Easter basket

Easter Ring Pop, photo provided by Bazooka Brands
Easter Ring Pop, photo provided by Bazooka Brands /

As Easter approaches, those Easter baskets need to be filled. What non-chocolate Easter candy should the Easter bunny bring this year?

If chocolate bunnies are not your favorite Easter candies, don’t fret. There are tons of non-chocolate Easter candy options that are perfect for any Easter basket. From sweet to sour to even big bold flavors, there is always an Easter candy that fits every flavor preference.

Some Easter candies are iconic. From jelly beans to Reese’s eggs, some candies are part of the holiday celebration. But, the Easter basket does not have to be exclusively filled with those candies. Other candy choices are just as sweet.

Here are some non-chocolate Easter candy options that FoodSided recommends.

Tic Tac Easter Bunny Blast Mints

All dressed in its bunny finest, Tic Tac makes for a great Easter basket candy. That refreshing mint is always in season. Plus, the kids can have fun shaking the containers and making their own music.

Ring Pop Bunnies and Chicks Pop

These ring pops have been transformed into Easter themes. From the adorable Easter bunny to cute chicks, everyone will want to have these ring pops on their fingers. The pops come in a variety of favorite flavors like strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape. Just don’t spill on that Easter outfit.

non-chocolate Easter candy
Juicy Drop gummies, photo provided by Bazooka /

Juicy Drop Gummies Easter Egg

With these Easter eggs, you do not have to worry about breakfast. The Juicy Drop Gummies Easter eggs are a tangy mix of sweet and sour. Whether you choose Knockout Punch or Blue Rebel, the flavors are tasty.

Sour Punch Chicks and Bunnies sour gummies

Sour candies are always a kid favorite. For the holiday, Sour Punch has added chicks and bunny shapes. These candies have a bold sour flavor, yet still deliver a touch of sweet. Just remember to share.


Dylan’s Candy Bar Marshmallow Easter Bunny Pop

This Easter bunny is all dressed up for his big day. The marshmallow bunny is dusted with confectionary sugar. He is so cute that you might want to buy two to share.

These non-chocolate Easter candy ideas are just a few of the many Easter candy options available. Even if there isn’t an egg hunt outside, the Easter bunny can bring some treats to the table.

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What is your favorite Easter candy? What candy is always in your Easter basket?