Usual Wines helps to spread some cheer with free wine

Usual Wines. Photo provided by Usual Wines
Usual Wines. Photo provided by Usual Wines /

Usual Wines understands that enjoying a glass of wine with friends looks a little different. Still, some free wine can make anyone feel a little cheery.

Would free wine make your week seem brighter? Usual Wines is going to be giving away 1,000 bottles of wine on April 3. Yes, 1,000 bottles of wine. It is not joke or wine dream. Doesn’t that idea make you just feel better?

For those unfamiliar, Usual Wines is a bottle of wine, that is really a glass of wine. Yes, one bottle is a glass. It is really that simple.

Who hasn’t been in this situation? After a long day, you crave a glass of wine. But, does that craving justifying a whole bottle? Wouldn’t just a glass be better?

Idea of being able to enjoy just a glass of good wine is the concept behind Usual Wines. The wine company takes artful approach to making wine. The California wine focuses on sustainable farms, the best grapes and no additives. That one bottle is just a glass. No re-corking required.

Usual Wines
Usual Wines. Photo provided by Usual Wines /

While there has been a rise in canned wine and half-spilt bottles have been available, this wine has appeal because of the wine, itself. From the rose to the red to the brut, these wines are approachable and perfect for any occasion.

With everyone feeling a little unconnected, even with social distancing, Usual Wines is helping to connect people through free wine. Whether you enjoy a bottle while watching your family, via a virtual happy hour or the much needed respite after a day helping with distance learning, sometimes a glass of wine helps remind everyone of the “old normal.”

On Friday, April 3, Usual Wines will be giving away 1,000 bottles. Starting at 12 p.m. PT, customers 21 and older can claim their 2-pack of wine. Quantities are limited and customers will have to pay a $5 shipping fee (also, some states may not be included in this offer).

Whether you want to grab some wine for yourself or send wine to a friend, we all can agree that free wine can make even a bad day seem better.

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Are you ready to open a bottle of Usual Wines? What is your favorite wine to share with friends?