Easter Bunny desserts that even the kids can make

Bunny Cake Decor Kit. Image Courtesy Walmart
Bunny Cake Decor Kit. Image Courtesy Walmart /

With Easter hopping closer, these Easter Bunny desserts are so easy that even the kids can make them. Which desserts will you make?

For many families, Easter Bunny desserts are a favorite holiday treat. While the Easter baskets might be filled with candy, dessert is always a special treat on a holiday. From Easter brunch to Easter dinner, a tasty Easter dessert is always a sweet treat.

While many people might be baking more this year, not everyone is a master baker. Although everyone hopes that their desserts look more like Spring Baking Championship than Nailed It!, home bakers can benefit from a little help.

For this year’s Easter celebration, Walmart has a full line of Easter Bake & Decor Kits. These kits are fun for the whole family. With a little creativity, any dessert can be turned into Easter bunny desserts.

Although there are many tutorials on how to make bunny cakes, these cake and cupcake kits make it simple. For example, the Bakery Bling Bunny Cake Décor Kit can turn any cake into a bunny. With all the tools, you can create any version of a bunny. Let everyone bring a little bit of imagination to the process.

Also, the Bakery Bling Spring Décor Kit can turn almost anything into an Easter treat. From cookies to brownies to even a cinnamon bun, these carrots, eggs and flowers bring cheer to the table.

If you prefer to get everyone baking, there are some cupcake kits that are cute and tasty. Since bunny butts are too cute to resist, the Sweetshop Bunny’s Got Back Cupcake Kit is a great option. A little bunny butt will make you smile, even if the kids eat too much candy.

Easter Bunny Desserts
Tylina Sweetshop Bunny’s Got Back Premium Cupcake Kit. Image Courtesy Walmart /

For a more colorful treat, the Sweetshop Spring Cupcake Kit is a fun choice. Maybe grab an extra box for later in the month. Sometimes a colorful treat can make any day a little brighter.

If you prefer cookies, there are couple options as well. The Sweetshop Bunny Prints Sugar Cookie Kit creates paw print cookies. Maybe these cookies could lead a path to the dessert table. There are many possibilities to make an interactive display.

Lastly, a cookie flower display would brighten any table. The Sweetshop Flower Power Sugar Cookie Mix creates multicolored spring flowers. Put some of these cookies on a stick and create a flower cookie bouquet. This cookie kit is perfect for the whole season. Maybe a cookie bouquet could be that treat that makes everyone feel special.

All of these items are available at Walmart. While prices vary, all of these items retail for under $10.

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What are your favorite Easter bunny desserts? What will you be serving for Easter this year?