407 Day rallies the community around Orlando restaurants

Sesame Seared Tuna at Confisco Grille, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort
Sesame Seared Tuna at Confisco Grille, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort /

While Orlando might be the theme park capital world, 407 Day is a way for the local community to show their support for Orlando restaurants.

Today is 407 Day. From International Drive to the tourist district, Orlando restaurants are a huge part of the community. While this Spring is far from the bustling streets that many locals know, those local restaurants are vital to the community. Given the current state of the restaurant industry, it is time to show some love to those favorite places that have served everyone throughout the years.

Visit Orlando and Orange County has named today, 407 Day. The idea is to encourage those who are able to place an order from a local restaurant. With 280 open restaurants in the area, there is an option for everyone.

George Aguel, president and CEO of Visit Orlando said, “407 Day is a celebration of Orlando’s incredibly diverse collection of restaurants, and the dedicated people who work there, who need us right now. Let’s come together as a community to order from our favorite local places as we encourage our families, friends and neighbors to sit down at Orlando’s virtual dinner table on social media tomorrow.”

That idea of a virtual table sets the tone for the current situation. While people might not be able to sit shoulder to shoulder at a physical table, a table does not have to be empty. By placing a to-go, carry out or delivery order, that food order can help to have those restaurants remain part of the community.

As everyone navigates this current situation, restaurants are adapting. In Orlando, restaurants are offering family meals, unique menu items and even cocktails to go. Some restaurants offer grocery staples, which has become a huge trend. Sometimes the best place to get fresh produce is from a restaurant who knows the farmers.

All of these adaptations are important for the restaurant industry to bridge the gap during the current situation. While everyone enjoys those special moments within the four walls of the restaurant, the restaurant is important of the community. Now is the time for the community to show its support. Yes, that order does make a difference.

While everyone is staying in, there are those moments when you have restaurant cravings. From that bowl of pho to a big juicy steak, a tasty meal can be comforting. Why not satisfy that craving by placing an order.

Although today is 407 Day, the idea of supporting Orlando restaurants is not limited to just today. If possible, consider making a restaurant order once a week. Maybe Taco Tuesday could be a way to try some new restaurants or maybe Sunday dinner come from an Orlando favorite.

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How are you supporting local restaurants in your community? What is your favorite Orlando restaurant?