Which fresh fruit needs to social distance in your produce drawer?

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With less grocery shopping, that produce drawer tends to be a little fuller. But do you know the one fresh fruit that might be ruining the whole bunch?

Keeping fresh fruit and vegetables fresher longer is very important. Healthy eating cannot be discarded just because grocery shopping only happens in spurts. Learning which fruits need to social distance from that produce drawer can keep all that produce fresher longer.

While many people choose to eat certain fruits for flavor, nutrition or a variety of reasons, not all fruits are created equal. Of course, eating the rainbow is nutritious. Still, some fruits do not play well with others.

Have you ever wondered why that bowl of fruit seems to ripen way too quickly? It isn’t necessarily because the fruits are already old, there is an actual reason. Storing certain fruits and vegetables together can cause them to ripen faster.

Certain fruits emit ethylene. While that gas helps to break down chlorophyll, it can cause some fruits to break down more quickly.

One of the biggest ethylene producing fruits is apples. Although an apple a day can keep the doctor away, those apples can make your bananas turn brown. Putting apples and bananas together will cause the bananas to ripen quickly. If you need ripe bananas, put them next to the apples. If you want them to keep longer, separate those fruits.

Many fruits are ethylene producers. Fruits and vegetables include apples, avocados, melons, onion, tomatoes and several others.

Since there are many fruits and vegetables that are ethylene sensitive, it might be best to understand what can and what cannot be stored together. Even though you might love a great fruit salad, that fresh fruit might need some social distancing.

On the other hand, some fruits and vegetables can be stored with anything. Citrus, berries and even bell peppers can co-mingle however they choose. So, that bowl of apples and oranges is a good idea, even if they are an unlikely pair.

In the end, storing fresh fruits properly will help them stay good for a longer. No one wants to open the produce drawer only to be disappointed. Don’t let your fresh fruit wither away before you can enjoy it.

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What tips, tricks or hacks would be helpful during social distancing? Do you have any tricks to keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer?