American Egg Board honors the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg tradition

American Egg Board, Annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg. Photo provided by the American Egg Board
American Egg Board, Annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg. Photo provided by the American Egg Board /

Traditions can bring people together even during difficult times. The American Egg Board honors its First Lady’s Commemorative Egg tradition with the idea to “Be Best.”

For more than 40 years, the First Lady’s Commemorative Egg has been an annual event that both celebrates the American Egg Board, America’s egg farmers, and the ideal that traditions bring people together. Although everyone will be celebrating Easter at home this year, this historic tradition can be a reminder that everyone can be their best even during difficult times.

Anne L. Alonzo, CEO and President of the American Egg Board says that the “American Egg Board is pausing to acknowledge and recognize a historic tradition.” This tradition is more than a decorative egg. It is a moment to recognize the hard-working American egg farmers who continue to provide for the country.

The annual Commemorative Egg tradition began in 1977 with a presentation to First Daughter Amy Carter. Over the years, on Easter Monday, the American Egg Board has revealed the commemorative egg. The themes have varied from special programs to First Ladies’ passions and have even featured some Presidential pets.

These decorative eggs are handcrafted by a member of the International Egg Art Guild. The intricate details and beautiful scene are meant to celebrate each year’s theme.

For the 2020 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg, the theme is “Be Best.” The First Lady’s “Be Best” campaign focuses on kindness, community and positivity. Those three adjectives seem to be even more important for this year’s reveal. During difficult times, kindness, community and positivity can and will help everyone get through the current hardships.

American Egg Board, First Lady’s Commemorative Egg
American Egg Board, Annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg. Photo provided by the American Egg Board /

Inspired by the theme, this commemorative egg features carved tree and children “planting the seeds of personal growth.” Also, the “three hearts within the foliage represent the values of the “Be Best” campaign – kindness, community and positivity” While the royal blue paint and gold add a level of elegance, the words of kindness, community and positivity are the main focus.

This year’s design was created by three artists, “Quentin Oliver of Quiet Light Communications, located in Rockford, Ill., created the design; award-winning Salt Lake City egg artist Brian Baity carved and painted the egg; and Laura J. Schiller, out of her art studio in Westimister, Colo., created the polymer clay book that represents the endless potential of America’s children.”

By bringing three artists together, it continues that ideal of three coming together to be better. Whether it is three artists continuing this historic tradition or the three values inspiring people to be better, it is a reminder that connections are everywhere.

Although the annual traditions might look different for this year’s Easter celebrations, the heart of the traditions are the most important aspect. Gathering family around the table can be a moment to celebrate the small positives that can make everyone feel stronger. From that kind word to creating a community virtually, there are many reasons to focus on the positive.

Since eggs and Easter are a traditional pairing, the American egg farmers are working hard. According to Alonzo, “America’s egg farmers are as committed as ever to providing wholesome, nutritious eggs to families across the country. Just 2 percent of today’s U.S. population lives on farms — America’s egg farmers produce food for 98 percent of us.” Even while people are struggling, it is a great reminder that everyone is doing their part.

The American Egg Board will present Mrs. Trump’s 2020 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg virtually. Traditions are important even during the most difficult times. This year’s reveal is a reminder that everyone can be their best in everything that they do.

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How are you keeping Easter traditions in your family? What are you doing to be your best?