Incredible Egg unveils 2019 Commemorative Egg for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll


Incredible Egg has been a part of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll (WHEER) for more than 40 years. Today, it unveiled its 2019 Commemorative Egg.

Holidays and traditions go hand in hand. The Incredible Egg has been part of both the nation’s and families’ Easter traditions for decades. As the annual White House Easter Egg Roll (WHEER) will be celebrated on Monday, April 22, another annual tradition is celebrated. The Commemorative Egg announcement.

While WHEER involves 74,000 eggs on the South Lawn, the Commemorative Egg is a much more delicate offering. Each year, the First Lady of the United States receives this gift from America’s egg farmers. The tradition dates back to 1977.

This year’s commemorative egg is features the phrase, Be Best. Be Best is First Lady Melania Trump’s initiative. While a simple phrase, the sentiment is clear and a goal worth striving towards.

Looking specifically at this year’s egg design, there is a delicate balance of strength and femininity. Drawing inspiration from farmer families, this design balances both the future and the past. From the colorful flowers to the bright colors, it conveys a sense of optimism. Just like Easter itself, there is a sense of celebrating the joy all around.

2019 Commemorative Egg to be presented to Melania Trump, photo provided by Incredieble Egg

While these commemorative eggs are a lovely tradition, eggs and Easter have been linked for centuries. According to Incredible Egg, 2.9 billion eggs were eaten during the 2018 Easter season. That number contributes to the 280 eggs that the average American eats a year.

In many ways, the egg deserves to be celebrated beyond just the traditional Easter holiday. As a versatile protein source, 6 grams of protein per large egg, it has become a staple in my families’ kitchens. More importantly, that egg is more than just part of breakfast.

Thinking about many celebratory foods, eggs are integral to a recipe. From that perfect birthday cake to a favorite pasta dish, an egg adds to the flavor of many dishes.

As so many people grab an extra dozen or more eggs during this Easter week, it could be a nice time to think about America’s egg farmers. Without that hardworking group, those perfected dyed Easter eggs, Easter brunch fritta or tempting Easter dessert might not be possible. In keeping with the words written on the 2019 commemorative egg, Be Best should be a goal to achieve in all aspects of life.

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Will eggs be part of your Easter celebration? If you are looking for some egg inspiration, let the Incredible Egg and its website be your guide.