Easy Hot Cross Bun recipe to celebrate the Good Friday tradition

Hot Cross Buns. Photo provided by The Incredible Egg
Hot Cross Buns. Photo provided by The Incredible Egg /

Looking for an easy hot cross bun recipe? Using pantry ingredients, everyone can continue this Good Friday tradition and enjoy a tasty treat.

For many people, a Good Friday tradition involves eating a hot cross bun. This easy hot cross bun recipe is perfect for anyone who would like to try this traditional recipe. Using many ingredients that are already in the pantry, this recipe could become a favorite with your family.

Often associated with the end of Lent, the hot cross bun is a basically a sweet, spiced bun. Made with a variety of spices and fruit, the bun is usually marked with a cross.

Looking through history, the Good Friday tradition is often associated with England, but many people in America celebrate it. Also, there are a variety of superstitions associated with the bun. While there is a long history, many people just like the flavors of the spiced bun.

Usually the hot cross bun spices are warm, comforting flavors. Flavors like all spice, nutmeg and cinnamon are the most common. Even though hot cross buns are eaten in the spring, these flavors are similar to the warm fall spices that people crave.

Combining those spices with fruit is satisfying. While raisins are the most common, other fruits, like currants, are equally enjoyable. Finding those little sweet treasures in a bite is quite delicious.

With more people baking for comfort, an easy hot cross bun recipe can make this year’s Easter at home celebration a little brighter. Even if you have never made this recipe before, it could be a great time to try this Good Friday tradition.

The Incredible Egg has a delicious recipe on its website. While this recipe is traditional, the lemon zest adds a touch of spring flavors to the hot cross bun. That punch of acid is the brightness to lighten the recipe. Even though it might seem like a small part to the recipe, it really does make a difference.

While everyone eats a hot cross bun differently, there are a few simple ways to enjoy it. Of course, eating one hot out of the oven is terrific. There is nothing better than a hot, fresh pastry.

Also, serving a hot cross bun slightly warm, with a little butter is quite tasty. Consider using a high-quality butter which enhances the flavor. For example, using the same baking butter from the recipe builds flavors.

Lastly, a touch of honey can offer a boost of sweetness. Honey complements the warm spices in the hot cross bun. Just a touch is plenty.

Whether a hot cross bun is a Good Friday tradition or this easy hot cross bun recipe inspires some baking, the kitchen and food bring people together. Why not put together some flour, sugar and butter and see what can be created.

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