Stella Artois Petit Artois bottles are perfect for that little sip

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Sometimes a little sip is all you need. The Stella Artois Petit Artois is the perfect little bottle that is a delightful way to savor the Belgian beer.

As the lazy days of summer approach, sometimes you just want a little sip of beer. The Stella Artois Petit Artois bottle could be a must have in the refrigerator. From the lazy summer afternoon to the weekend barbecue, these little bottles could be the star of the summer.

Sometimes you just want a sip. While it might not seem huge, a whole bottle of beer might not be right for the occasion. From weeknight unwinding to a dinner pairing, a smaller beer is a great idea.

Many people are enjoying virtual happy hours or a beverage to unwind after another long day. Even though most people are staying in, a small sip is still a good idea. According to Lara Krug, VP of Marketing, Stella Artois. “Petite Artois is the perfect, stylish upgrade to elevate any picnic blanket feast, weekday meal or virtual happy hour this season.”

Unlike a bottle of wine, you cannot re-cork a beer. More importantly, throwing away half of an open beer is a travesty. Luckily the Stella Artois Petit Artois bottles are meant for those little sips. You can crack open a bottle, enjoy a beer and not be wasteful.

Truthfully, there is something cute about little bottles. In a way, the smaller size makes drinking a Stella even more fun. While the red chalice was adorable and everyone knows the classic chalice, sometimes you just want a cute, little bottle.

Additionally, those little bottles help with portion control. From cutting back on alcohol consumption to watching calories, there are many reasons why people will want to indulge, but just in a smaller size.

Lastly, the smaller bottles are perfect for warmer weather because you are less likely to have warm beer. The smaller size will chill more quickly. Also, you are more likely to finish the beer before it gets warm. No one enjoys drinking a warm beer on a hot summer day.

The new Stella Artois Petit Artois bottles are joining the Stella Artois offerings. The Petit Artois is available in both six and 24 packs. Currently, they are available in Chicago and Florida. The offering will be more widely available later in April.

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What do you think of the Stella Artois Petite Artois? When would you pop open one of these little bottles?