Red Stella Cup is the must have party cup for summer


Summer parties requite the perfect party cup. The Red Stella Cup is the must have party cup that will make summer the ultimate celebration.

Summer and parties are synonymous and everyone knows that a party cup is a must for any summer gathering. While glass might be appropriate in some occasions, glass can be the ultimate summer party foul. Luckily, the Red Stella Cup is the summer approved chalice that will make a statement at any party.

The Stella chalice is more than just a pretty glass. The glass’s shape allows for the beer to be enjoyed in its best way possible. From the perfect pour to the last sip, the chalice ensures that Stella is enjoyed at its best.

During the summer, glass might not be the best option. From the beach to the pool, glass may not be allowed at certain locations. But, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to a can or an inferior cup. There is a new solution.

The Red Stella Cup is a red cup with a stem. It looks like the classic chalice but it perfect for when glass is a no go. Are you ready to raise one of these red cups?

According to Peter Van Overstraeten, VP, Premium & Super Premium Brands, Anheuser-Busch said, this cup gives everyone “the summer upgrade we all deserve. Quality beer in a quality party cup perfect for the outdoors – what’s not to love?”

That statement speaks volumes. No one should compromise their preferred beverage choice just because the party venue is different. Brands are understanding that they need to adapt, grow and accommodate to the consumer’s needs.

These special red cups are available for purchase. A 6-pack retails for $10 or a 24-pack retails for $30. With everyone focusing on eco-friendly alternatives, these cups are a great option for the entire party season.

While you might not want to sing the song, you will want to raise one of these Red Stella Cups this summer. Remember to tag #RedStellaCup in those awesome party picks.

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What’s your go-to summer party beverage or what’s in your glass this summer?