Keep eggs fresh with these simple kitchen tricks

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As shopping becomes less frequent, it is important to keep eggs fresh as long as possible. These simple kitchen tricks will keep those incredible eggs at their best.

Do you know how to keep eggs fresh? While people are frequently grocery stores less, it is important to understand how to keep food fresher longer. Just like some produce needs to self distance from each other, eggs need to be stored properly to stay fresh. With a few simple kitchen tricks, that dozen of eggs will be tasty when you are ready to cook them.

According to the American Egg Board, there are a few reminders that help to keep eggs fresh. One of the most important reminders is to keep the refrigerator at the right temperature. Ideally, eggs should be kept at 40°F or less. Checking the refrigerator temperature is always a good idea.

Did you know that those egg cartons are really worth keeping? The carton is the best way to store eggs. It keeps the odors and flavors of other foods from being absorbed by the eggs. Additionally, the carton helps the eggs avoid moisture loss. So, don’t toss that carton, use it as a container.

After properly storing the eggs, it is important to know how long those eggs will last. While some people use the “float” method, there is a better way to measure freshness. Ideally, raw eggs are best consumer within three weeks of purchase.

If you have hard-cooked eggs, the timing is a little different. In the shells, those hard-cooked eggs are best used within a week. If the eggs are peeled, they are better enjoyed within two days.

Egg have become a great food option during these trying times. Eggs are both nutritious and affordable. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, eggs are the food that can be served anytime.

A single egg contains six grams of protein and nine essential amino acids. Plus, that egg is just 70 calories. To balance all those carbs, eggs are a great high-quality protein.

Since eggs are a good, nutritious choice, it is important to keep egg fresh. Now, it is time to find some tasty recipes to use all those eggs.

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What is your favorite egg recipe? Do you have some recipes that are simple and easy?