Maha Organic Hard Seltzer focuses on crisp, refreshing fruit flavors

Maha Hard Seltzer. Photo by Cristine Struble
Maha Hard Seltzer. Photo by Cristine Struble /

Beverages often reflect a lifestyle choice. The new Maha Organic Hard Seltzer is a crisp, refreshing alcoholic seltzer that embraces a wellness-focused beverage choice.

As the alcoholic seltzer market continues to grow, Maha Organic Hard Seltzer has found its own niche. The wellness focused beverage brand looks to set itself apart in both flavors and ingredients. While the clear beverage might look unassuming, one sip will have you tasting a difference. Are you ready to pop open a can?

Finding a way to set a beverage apart can be difficult. While some people gravitate to familiar brands, a new option needs to entice people to grab it off the shelf. One way is to offer a unique approach to a popular beverage trend.

Maha Organic Hard Seltzer sets itself apart not only with flavors but with its ingredients. Using a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, many people are drawn to a beverage that fits their lifestyle. From the weekend warrior to a healthy lifestyle, no one wants to discount all that hard work by enjoying a special beverage.

This alcoholic seltzer took inspiration from and worked with three professional athletes, Hillary Allen (elite skyrunner), Alli Foresythe (triathlete), and James Lindaman (alpine climber). It is one of the reasons why the proprietary blend of ingredients was important. People with active lifestyles want options when they choose to indulge.

While balance is important, most people are driven by flavor choices. Maha Organic Seltzer comes in three flavors, Tangerine Yuzu, Black Cherry and Raspberry. The three flavors blend approachable and new. Since the variety pack contains all three flavors, it is a great way to explore all the options.

Maha Organic Hard Seltzer
Maha Organic Hard Seltzer. Photo by Cristine Struble /

Looking at the three flavors, the black cherry and the raspberry are the approachable flavors. The black cherry has the sweetness but is more rounded. Cherry can be rich and flavorful. In this hard seltzer, it balanced. While there is sweet, the freshness leads each sip.

The raspberry has a similar taste. While sweet and fruity, there is a hint of tart that keeps it refreshing. The aromas have a touch of brightness that entices one sip after the next. Even when the can is empty, it doesn’t feel like an overpowering beverage

The most interesting of flavor is definitely the tangerine yuzu. The yuzu flavor plays well with the sweetness of the tangerine. In a way, there is a touch of umami from the yuzu that makes this flavor bright and bold.

Thinking about all three flavors, they pair well with a variety of dishes. One great pairing is the tangerine yuzu with sushi or a spicy Asian noodle dish. The yuzu flavor plays off those dishes. It works well with tacos, too.

Overall, the Maha Organic Seltzer is a light, refreshing sip that is perfect for almost any occasion. As the warmer weather begins, it can be a great choice for a backyard barbecue, beach day or even just a quiet afternoon at home.

Maha Organic Seltzer is available at liquor stores, grocery stores and other retailers. It is sold in variety packs of 12 cans and price varies.

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Are you a fan of alcoholic seltzers? Do your preferred beverages change depending on the seasons?