Chef Jen Biesty shares an easy, dairy inspired recipe that families will love

Chef Jen Biesty. Photo provided by Real California Milk
Chef Jen Biesty. Photo provided by Real California Milk /

Ready to get cooking? Chef Jen Biesty from Chopped and Top Chef shares an easy, dairy inspired recipe that the whole family will love.

As everyone is learning the joys of cooking, many celebrity chefs are helping cooks with some tasty recipes. Chef Jen Biesty, Chopped champion and Top Chef contestant, has partnered with Real California Milk to share a recipe that the whole family will enjoy. Ready to get cooking with chef?

On Tuesday, April 14 at 6 p.m. EST, Chef Jen will show Real California Milk Instagram viewers her step by step tutorial on making this tasty, easy dairy inspired recipe. If you need a new dinner recipe, this one might become a family favorite.

As families adjust to the current environment, many people are turning to the kitchen to find some solace. Whether it is out of necessity, seeking accomplishment or just an engaging fun, cooking is becoming the new must try activity.

When thinking about recipes, people want easy. Even the professional chef understands that an easy recipe is more adaptable than a complicated one. Through an easy to follow, step by step process, everyone can create a delicious recipe.

Additionally, food can be more than tasty bite. Of course, flavor is the most important part of any dish, but there can be other benefits, too. From extra veggies to a boost of protein, there are many reasons why certain ingredients are combined together.

Also, dairy has mood enhancing benefits. While many people enjoy a plate of cheese or a big glass of milk, Real California Dairy can provide that mood boost in many ways. Why not add a little extra dairy to a family dinner.

Looking at Chef Jen’s dairy inspired recipe, this easy to follow dinner recipe is packed with dairy. The combined cheeses add to the flavor and offer that mood boosting element. It could even make the kids want an extra helping that is filled with green beans and mushrooms. A balanced bite is always a good choice.

Here’s how to make Chef Jen Biesty’s Cheesy potato gnocchi bake with green beans and wild mushrooms.

"Cheesy potato gnocchi bake with green beans and wild mushroomsServes four people2 lbs potato gnocchi1 lb hen of the woods, cremini, button or another mushrooms you like½ lb blue lake green beans1 tspn thyme dried or freshBechamel Ingredients (yields 3 cups sauce)2 1/2 cups Real California whole milk2 tbsp Real California unsalted butter (slightly more than 1/4 stick)1/3 cup all-purpose flour1 cup chopped onion½ tspn chopped garlic1 fresh bay leaf¼ tspn salt2 pinches black pepper1 pinch of ground nutmeg¼ lb. Real California mozzarella¼ lb. Real California pepper jack, grated¼ lb. Real California grated, dry jack for the top"

If you want to watch Chef Jen make this dairy inspired recipe, make sure to watch Real California Milk’s Instagram account at 6 p.m. EST today.

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What recipes are you making as a family? Are Instagram cooking classes helping you find a joy of cooking?