Do you know DoubleTree’s chocolate chip cookies secret ingredient?


Recently, DoubleTree’s chocolate chip cookies secret ingredient was revealed and it probably already in your pantry. More importantly, what will you be baking with it?

The aroma of cookies baking in the oven is comforting. When, DoubleTree’s chocolate chip cookies secret ingredient and recipe was revealed, everyone was surprised. Although a few tricks might have been unusual, the most important ingredient is probably already in many people’s pantries. More importantly, it is the iconic ingredient for one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes.

According to Hilton, the chocolate chips in their iconic recipe are Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips. For many bakers, it is the baking brand that they trust. While DoubleTree’s recipe reveal is entertaining, the best chocolate chip recipe has been on the back of that yellow Nestle Toll House bag for years.

Given the current climate, many people are drawn to baking. Even a person who has never turned on the oven is grabbing ingredients and starting to experiment. Completing a task, from start to finish, creates a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if that cookie is Instagram perfect. To the person who made it, that cookie is perfect.

With both novice and experienced bakers spending more time in the kitchen, Nestle Toll House has created the Bake It Easy series on IGTV. This informative and fun series can be the next baking adventure.

Hosted by Nestle Toll House Chef Meredith Tomason, these recipes are easy. More importantly, the recipes include ingredients that are often in the pantry.

For example, in the first Bake It Easy installment, Chef Meredith made Pantry Mash Up Cookies. This recipe showed that baking is not complicated or hard. A variety of ingredients can be combined to create a tasty cookie.

More importantly, this 10-minute video focuses on making baking fun. While some baking shows focus on complicated cakes or the difficult macaron, baking does not have to require years of experience or pastry school training. Combining fun and tasty ingredients will always make baking a success.

For anyone who is wanting to find some baking inspiration, watch the next installment of Bake It Easy on Nestle Toll House’s IGTV account. Or, bake up some of those iconic DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies. Just remember a bag of those Nestle Toll House chocolate chips. With that secret ingredient, everything that you bake will be tasty.

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Are you baking more? What is your best kept baking secret?