Elysian Rolling Stone lager hits all the right notes from start to finish

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager. Photo provide by Elysian Brewing
Elysian Rolling Stone Lager. Photo provide by Elysian Brewing /

Like the beat of a favorite song, Elysian Rolling Stone lager hits all the right notes. Building from crisp to sweet to balanced, this craft beer is one to experience.

Sometimes a song evokes an emotion. The same can be said of a great craft beer. The new Elysian Rolling Stone lager might have a sleek, black can but cracking open one is a cacophony of flavors that meld into the perfect tone.

Elysian Brewing has never shied away from being different. Whether it is the unlikely collaboration or an unlikely  flavor profile, these craft beers are all about pushing the boundaries. For some people, one beer will be mind changing and for another it will cross the line. No matter the opinion, everyone can agree that these craft beers are never going to be consider stagnant.

Thinking of the iconic Rolling Stone magazine, it is part of the pop culture collective for over 50 years. From music lovers looking for the next up and coming sound to in depth interviews that reveal the nuances behind the music, there is only one Rolling Stone.

The Elysian Rolling Stone Lager is the first and only time that Rolling Stone has collaborated with a brewery on a specialty beer. While the visuals have a sleek vibe, the craft beer brings the sophistication that beer drinkers will crave. In many ways, like a great collaboration, this lager brings out the best in both brands.

According to Elysian Brewmaster, Josh Waldman, the brewery wanted to “create a beer you’d want to drink when you jam out.” While this lager doesn’t require a big stage or a momentaneous occasion, it is a beer to sit back, sip and enjoy.

The Elysian Rolling Stone lager is a golden color lager. With moderate hops, this beer has a light body. With warmer days ahead, it is refreshing and sippable, just like a craft beer that would be perfect for a summer musical festival, backyard barbecue or beach day with friends.

While there are moderate hops, the caramel malt flavors come through with each sip. Balanced by bright, yet slightly sweet, orange marmalade notes, this beer could pair with almost any food. From a hamburger off the grill to even some shrimp tacos, it could become an any occasion beer.

Since this collaboration is music-centric, Rolling Stone and Elysian Brewing curated a Spotify playlist to accompany this beer. From some rock classic to newer vibes, this playlist is as eclectic as Elysian Brewing craft beer drinkers. Even if everyone does not agree with a favorite tune, everyone can appreciate music being the soundtrack to life.

The Elysian Rolling Stone lager is available in stores now. It is sold in 12 oz six packs and 18 oz cans. The lager has a 4.8% ABV.

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Isn’t it time to take a moment to let the music move you? Crack open a can of Elysian Rolling Stone lager and see where the music takes you.