Subway partners with Feeding America to feed people in need

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Ordering your favorite Subway footlong can help feed not only yourself but also people in need. Are you willing to help Feeding America?

Subway and its iconic footlong has been a popular choice for many people. From that meatball marinara to a veggie delight, everyone has a favorite footlong. Now, ordering that footlong can help Feeding America. Why wouldn’t everyone place an order of support?

During the current crisis, more and more people are in need of nutritious meals. As seen in news reports, food banks have seen long lines of people waiting for food donations. With so many people impacted by the economic crisis, food donations are a growing need.

According to Feeding America, it is predicting that “food banks (will need) an additional estimated $1.4 billion over the next six months to feed people in need.” Given that scenario, Subway wanted to do its part to donate to the cause. And, everyone can help by ordering a footlong.

Subway’s North America President, Trevor Haynes said “From keeping our restaurants open and safe, to providing better-for-you food options, to our Franchise Owners dedicating their time and donating food, Subway is open to serve. And, we are proud to once again partner with Feeding America to help make sure our neighbors are getting the nutritious meals they need and deserve.”

Now through April 30, every order of a footlong (whether ordered for takeout, delivery or catering), a meal to Feeding America. Customers are not asked to donate; they are just asked to order a footlong just like they would normally do.

While the company is making this commitment to Feeding America, local franchise orders are doing their part as well. Many local restaurants have donated to healthcare workers, first responders and school children who are missing their school lunches. It is another example of everyone doing their part to make a positive difference during this current crisis.

If you do know what you want for lunch, do not want to cook or just want to feel like you are helping, consider ordering a Subway footlong. For placing that order, you are helping to provide assistance to Feeding America.

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