What is the hungriest day of the year?

(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Way to Blue)
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Way to Blue) /

Do you know the hungriest day of the year? While some might think of a big holiday or food celebration, one day seems to give everyone the munchies.

For some people, one day is considered the hungriest day of year. While many people might be gaining the quarantine 15, April 20, aka 420 day, is the day when many people are getting the munchies. Is your stomach grumbling?

Long associated with marijuana use, the origins of 420 day is a little unclear. Whether it is a reference to kids meeting at 4:20 to have a smoke or a California police code, the number and the day has become a cultural reference.

Even though cannabis enhanced foods have become more common, some places still do not allow these options. Putting aside the legality, many people might still be quite hungry on April 20. To satisfy those munchies and hunger, a few places are offering specials for the hungriest day of the year.

Panda Express will offer four bowls for $20 (yes, it is a 420 reference). Whether delivered or ordered via takeout, the offer is available.

Also, the current climate seems to be making people quite hungry. Luckily this Panda Express deal is good through April 30. So, if your appetite is still hearty later in the month, this four bowl offer will be available.

If you prefer a burger, Smashburger will be offering a single burger for just $4.20. Isn’t a tasty burger always a great choice. At this price, you might want to order two.

Whether you agree or disagree with the background around this particular day, there could be more takeout and to go orders placed today. Or, maybe more people will be baking. No matter the reason, there could be more eating going on today. After all, someone determined that today is the hungriest day of the year.

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