Buffalo Wild Wings Picks and Props could earn you free wings for a year

Joe Burrow Celebrates Draft day with Buffalo Wild Wings. Photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
Joe Burrow Celebrates Draft day with Buffalo Wild Wings. Photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Does free wings for a year sound enticing? Buffalo Wild Wings and Joe Burrow are helping football fans celebrate the NFL Draft the right way.

While you might be booing the Commish at home this year, Buffalo Wild Wings wants to give you a reason to celebrate the upcoming draft. Although it is presumed that Joe Burrow will be getting that number one on his jersey, football fans are looking for their own big win, free wings for a year. Are you ready to put your skills to the test?

Since live sports have been replaced by highlight reels and speculations, football fans could be well prepared for this year’s NFL Draft. Although it will be a new watching experience, everyone can participate with their own predictions on who will, won’t or should be picked up by the various teams. And, those correct choices could be a win for the fan, not just the NFL team.

Fans can head to Picks and Props via the BWW app to make their own draft predictions. With real odds from BetMGM, fans can see if all their research could result in a big prize. Depending on the number of correct picks, participants can win prizes. The top prize is free wings for a year.

If you are not quite as confident with your predictions, there is another option. The Blazin’ Perfect Picks Challenge is a knowledge based game. In this contest, “answering all five questions correctly earns you free wings for a month.”

Since many people are missing sports, this contest can be a way to feel a little closer to the action. In some ways, it isn’t if you are totally spot on with those predictions or just get your favorite team correct. The idea is to have fun and feel a little more connected to the sports world again.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings NFL Draft Deals Photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Also, if you just need an excuse to eat some chicken wings and talk about football, Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered. The BWW NFL Draft Bundles will feed some hearty appetites for all those long rounds throughout the NFL Draft.

In addition to BOGO Boneless Thursdays, there are a variety of bundles. From 10 Traditional wings and fries for $12.99 to 20 Boneless wings, 20 Traditional wings and fries for $39.99, there is an option for everyone. And, remember to order via the BWW app or website for free delivery.

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Whether or not there is a big surprise in this year’s NFL Draft remains to be seen. No matter the outcome, Buffalo Wild Wings has everyone winning with their wing deals.