SodaStream commits to eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles

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While people stay home, SodaStream reminds everyone that the planet is everyone’s home and commits to eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles.

As the world thinks about health issues, SodaStream reminds everyone that the planet’s health is just as important as personal health. Although Earth Day stands as a reminder to take care of the planet, everyone’s home, the day can stand as a way to recommit to make better choices.

Announced today, SodaStream has committed to eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles. While that number seems staggering, it stands as a reminder that everyone can and should want to do more. Although plastic might be convenient, the impact that it has on the environment is tremendous.

Over the years, everyone has learned about the impact that single use plastic bottles have on the environment. Refillable bottles fill the cabinet. Stadiums have started using aluminum cups for beverages. Change is happening and it needs to continue.

Ahead of Earth Day, SodaStream released this video. As everyone appreciates the importance of staying home during the current health crisis, the company wants to remind everyone to be conscious of the planet, everyone’s home.

As part of SodaStream’s commitment to eliminate 67 billion single-use plastic bottles, it is converting its flavor bottles from plastic to metal. By 2021, the conversion should “avoid nearly another 200 million single-use plastic bottles over the next five years.” By setting an example within the company, the brand hopes to both educate and encourage other brands to do the same.

Metal bottles are a viable choice because of the ease of recycling. From people being accustomed to recycling metals to metals being fully recycled, the switch could be an example for other brands. Instead of just that beer coming in a metal bottle maybe juice or soda could make the switch.

SodaStream has been a leader in the movement to ditch single use plastic. Throughout the years, the brand has proven that making sparkling waters, flavored waters and carbonated sodas at home is easy. From customizing the flavors to the convenience, families have seen that the product not only saves money but is also environmentally smart.

With everyone appreciating the idea that we are all in this together, it is a great reminder to everyone needs to do their part to help the environment. Why not think before you grab another single use plastic bottle and consider an alternative. After all, everyone needs to take care of our home, the planet.

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What are you doing to help reduce single use plastic?