McDonald’s Thank You Meal is more meaningful than a Happy Meal

McDonald’s launches Thank You Meals. Photo provided by McDonald’s
McDonald’s launches Thank You Meals. Photo provided by McDonald’s /

While a Happy Meal can bring a smile to the table, McDonald’s Thank You Meal is more than a token of gratitude. It is a reminder that serving the community is a priority.

In difficult times, the little things tend to matter more. The McDonald’s Thank You Meal is the brand’s way of sharing a gesture of kindness to healthcare workers and first responders. While this version of a Happy Meal may not come with a special toy, it does come with a heartfelt gratitude.

From April 22 through May 5, healthcare workers and first responders can receive a free Thank You Meal at McDonald’s. By showing their badge, the meal will be free via carryout or drive thru at participating locations. In some ways, that iconic Happy Meal box is bringing a whole new happy to people.

During difficult times, everyone is trying to find ways to create moments of kindness. From the thank you signs to the nightly cheers, people are finding their own personal ways to express gratitude. More and more people are understanding that showing support can be the positive moment to bring a little joy into a person’s life.

Growing up, many people turned to McDonald’s, especially the Happy Meal, as a moment that brings a smile. Whether it was a special movie themed toy that you had to have or a reward for doing well in school, that iconic Happy Meal box brought excitement. In some ways, that small, simple pleasure meant the world in that moment.

Given today’s current crisis, those little moments need to be celebrated. While it might not be the solution to a medical crisis, a McDonald’s Thank You Meal can be the moment of respite for a healthcare worker or a first responder. Sometimes, those small moments can be the piece of normal that people need.

Throughout the country, many local McDonald’s businesses have been helping their communities. From donating gift cards to local food banks to giving meals to communities, those gestures show compassion and a willingness to support others. When the community helps each other, the community thrives.

McDonald’s continues to help through donating nearly 3 million pounds of food, donating medical masks and helping truckers get a warm meal. Where the company can help, they are striving to do their part.

Now with the McDonald’s Thank You Meal, many people can get a meal on their way home or before work. When everyone does their part, the community is stronger.

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What are you doing to help your community during the current crisis? How can you make a difference?