Nature’s Path encourages people to eat to save the planet

Nature’s Path’s Regenerative Organic Certified oatmeal. Photo provided by Nature's Path
Nature’s Path’s Regenerative Organic Certified oatmeal. Photo provided by Nature's Path /

While the old saying you are what you eat still holds true, Nature’s Path wants to add a new thought to the discussion, eat to save the planet.

Many people focus on healthy eating because it is good for their bodies. Nature’s Path is taking healthy eating a step further. What if eating certain foods can help the planet’s health? Healthy eating just took on a whole new meaning.

Every day, people have a choice in what they choose to eat. From organic ingredients to plant based diets, there are numerous ways to eat for good health. While many of these choices help an individual, the benefit to helping others may not be the entire focus. What if there was a way to eat better and help the planet?

On Earth Day, Nature’s Path Oatmeal is showing its consumers that regenerative oats are not only healthy ingredients but healthy nutrients for the planet. By focusing organic products, food that is free from chemicals and pesticides, the organic soil can capture more carbons and is better for the planet. In some ways, eating organic is another way to help save the planet.

This limited edition oatmeal looks to start a bigger conversation on food, how it is grown and the benefits to everyone and the planet. While this launch is just a start, it can be the spark to create a bigger movement within the industry. Eating good food should not only be good for the person, but it should be good for the planet.

More and more people are embracing the concept that ingredients matter. From organic products to knowing the farmer, a brand sets itself apart by understanding that consumers want more and better.

Even in today’s current crisis, people are grasping the impact on themselves and the planet is interrelated. Whether it is fewer emissions clouding the sky or maintaining the soil for years to come, there are viable choices.

When given a choice, many people prefer an option that is not only good for them, but good for the planet. Nature’s Path is encouraging people to start their day with a breakfast that could help save the planet. In the process, that bowl of oatmeal can also be a way to fuel the day with good nutrition. That full circle moment shows that we are all in this together.

The Nature’s Path Regenerative Organic Certified Oats are available for a limited time.

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What are you doing to help both your healthy eating choices and the planet? Do you think that a small change can make a difference?