Want a free Whopper? Quick reaction is key to scoring one

Burger King free Whopper Promotion. Photo provided by Burger King
Burger King free Whopper Promotion. Photo provided by Burger King /

What would you do for a free Whopper? If you have some quick reaction time, that Burger King offer could be yours to claim.

Could watching television score you a free Whopper? With everyone staying in and spending a lot of time in front of screens, isn’t it time that those screens become a little more interactive? If you have quick reaction time, a Burger King free meal could be in your future. Ready, set, snap.

Right now, everyone is looking for a diversion. Without live sports to occupy the time, people are looking for other entertainment. The novelty of binge watching that story about the Tiger guy has passed. And, watching another press conference can make you wish for another day of distance learning.

Burger King is ready to make its commercials a little more interactive. In the new Burger King television ads there is a QR code. If you act quick and scan the code, you could get a free Whopper. Ready to play?

Basically, Burger King has made a gaming television spot. Finally, all that time playing on the XBOX is going to pay off. Watch the spot, scan the QR code with your phone, free food is waiting on the BK app. Simple and easy.

But, there is a little catch. There are only 10,000 free sandwiches with purchase available. Just like in a video game, not everyone can get the high score. (And the video QR code does not work for the free offer.)

This promotion is another fun promotion for Burger King. Recently, it gave students free food for solving clues. Since everyone is looking for some fun, it made us wonder, what could be next for Burger King? Could a quest for the crown be next?

If you want to try for the free food, keep a keen eye out for the new television spot. It could happen morning, noon or night. Now, you might not want to go to the bathroom during the commercial breaks.

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What free food promotions have you received recently? Are these offerings enticing you to order more food?