Pizza Hut NFL Draft deliveries mark the return of live sports


Sorry Super Bowl reruns and mock drafts, live sports are back. Pizza Hut NFL Draft deliveries are bringing the quintessential football watching food to the table.

After you’ve recorded your best boo the Commish, Pizza Hut NFL Draft deliveries are ready here as football fans celebrate the return of live sports. While the players might not be making an epic touchdown catch or sacking the quarterback, the prospect of an NFL season seems to have everyone smiling a little bigger. And, some pizza deliveries can make the event even better.

As an official NFL partner, Pizza Hut is doing its part to make this year’s virtual NFL Draft entertaining and exciting. While football fans at home can order their favorite pizza deals, many top draft prospects will be getting their own pizza deliveries.

According to the company, some of top prospects will be getting pizza and wings delivered to their home draft parties. From CeeDee Lamb to Henry Ruggs II to Jerry Jeudy, many players are excited to enjoy a bite and celebrate the return of the NFL.

While the new recruiting class gets a lot of attention, the brand’s player partners, like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, will be receiving some pizza delivery, too. All those NFL newbies aren’t the only football players who can appreciate a good slice.

Through the NFL Draft coverage, the new Proud to Serve Ad will be airing. These spots focus on whole team dedication and hard work. More than ever everyone appreciated the  people working to bring a little sense of normalcy to our daily lives. That effort deserves a moment of recognition.

While many of these NFL players are enjoying their pizzas and wings during the NFL Draft, it serves as a reminder that better times are coming. Although people might disagree about the potential dominance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the impact that the Las Vegas Raiders location has on the league, everyone can agree that the return of a new NFL season is a happy moment. Keeping traditions alive, even booing the Commish, can give people a a sense of normalcy.

Although you might not have a NFL Draft prospect in your house, why not place a Pizza Hut order during the NFL Draft. Maybe you and your favorite team’s top pick might like the same pizza toppings. Wouldn’t that make you feel more connected to your favorite team?

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Are you excited for the NFL Draft? What is your favorite Pizza Hut pizza to order while watching football?