Need a GroupNug? Wendy’s free chicken nuggets offer brings extra love

Wendy’s is offering a GroupNug. Photo provided by Wendy’s
Wendy’s is offering a GroupNug. Photo provided by Wendy’s /

Even during social distancing, a GroupNug can bring happiness. With a side of Wendy’s free chicken nuggets, the day gets even better.

Would Wendy’s free chicken nuggets make you happy? During these trying times, everyone needs a little hug, even a GroupNug. It could be time to get in the car, head to a local Wendy’s and enjoy some free chicken nuggets.

Today, April 24, Wendy’s will be giving a four piece chicken nuggets to any car that comes through the drive-thru. No additional purchase is necessary. It is a free food just because. Isn’t that a bite of happiness?

Sometimes just focusing on the positive is good for everyone. Even Wendy’s twitter account, which can be a little snarky, has focused on sharing good stories. From sending birthday wishes to sharing how people are helping each other, the happy, feel good stories are many.

With uncertainty all around, people are looking for something good to spark some happiness in their daily lives. From Wendy’s free chicken nuggets to a watching funny animal videos to calling a friend to say whassup, all little efforts to spread some positive vibes are important.

Thinking specifically about this Wendy’s food offer, many quick service restaurants are starting to offer family meal deals, BOGO promotions and other free food specials. Given the rise in food insecurity, these free food offers can be a bright spot. Just like the common idea of everyone needs to do their part, these food offers are doing their part, too.

Given the response already, more and more of these free food promotions will continue. Whether it is a free 4-piece chicken nuggets, an extra hamburger or maybe a free dessert, those small gestures can be the bright spot in someone’s week. Right now, everyone needs a little more happy.

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Are you needed a GroupNug? What food promotion deal made you smile?