Thirsty for summer – Natty Light Summer internship is here

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(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Could you earn the Natty Light Summer internship? Even from the comfort of your couch, one person will earn this opportunity of a lifetime.

Does a Natty Light Summer Internship sound intriguing? For many students that summer internship program is vital to the college experience. It is the opportunity to put all that book knowledge into practical, real world experience. Even as people work remotely, that summer internship is vital.

This summer, Natural Light is taking a new approach to the traditional summer internship. In true Natty Light fashion, this program is not that typical desk job. Do you think that you are Natty Qualified?

As posted on Indeed, this internship is adapted for the current climate. According to Daniel Blake, Vice President of US Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, “We know how crucial internships are for our fans and how summer work experiences are the launching pad for their future success. We just couldn’t let the current situation overshadow this important step in their careers.”

This year, the internship will be located from home. While Natty Light would probably prefer that you wear pants while working, the job will focus on flavor innovation. Specifically, the job will focus on the next breakthrough innovation from Natty. While the specifics are unclear, the intern will share insights on taste, packaging and more.

Looking back at last year’s Natty Light flavor innovation, the 2020 summer could be quite exciting. Naturadays was consider the number one new beer of 2019. That strawberry-lemonade sessionable beer was perfect for grilling, lazy days at the pool and warm summer nights.

Given 2020 new social distancing environment, it will be interesting to see how Natural Light adapts to the current climate. Wonder how many kegs or cases is 6 feet apart?

If you would like to apply for the Natty Light Summer Internship, more information can be found on Indeed. Just a word of advice, be a little creative with that application. Another boring cover letter and resume is not going to earn anyone this internship.

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What was the best summer internship that you had? Would you like to be the Natty Light Summer Intern?