What’s being served at your Front Yard Cookout?

Oscar Mayer Front Yard Cookout. Photo provided by Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer Front Yard Cookout. Photo provided by Oscar Mayer /

As the aroma from the grill fills the air, the Front Yard Cookout is the perfect excuse to get outside, enjoy a bite and still stay 12 hot dogs apart.

For many people, the outdoor cookout is a part of summer. This year, the Front Yard Cookout is new way to enjoy a tasty meal while still practicing social distancing. It is time to roll out the grill to the driveway and enjoy a new view.

Once the fire is lit, the anticipation of a delicious meal awaits. Whether it is classic, All–American hot dog, a juicy hamburger or even some marinated shrimp, the food is only part of the experience. There is something about that conversation around the grill.

Given the current world of social distancing, it is important to remember that distance does not have to mean isolation. While our voices might need to be a little louder or we might have to view each other through screens, people can still connect.

On May 2, Oscar Mayer is encouraging everyone to enjoy a Front Yard Cookout. The idea is to move the grill to the front of the house – or a spot where you can interact with your neighbors. Just like that old school block party, it is time to get out and be seen.

While you might not be able to go grab a bite of sausage off your neighbor’s grill or give a hug to the older couple down the street, you can enjoy some time outside together as a collective group. Think of it as the new normal.

Given this idea of Front Yard Cookout, why not be a little creative with the idea. If you live in a neighborhood of friends, why not each house have a different theme. One person can cook all-American food, another house could grill some fajitas and someone else can offer some Caribbean jerk. People could decorate the driveway, play some music and make a big event of the occasion.

If you do decided to join the Front Yard Cookout, remember to tag Oscar Mayer with #FrontYardCookout. For everyone who uses that hashtag, the company will donate a meal to Feeding America.

This grilling season, let’s all move to the front yard and remember – 12 hot dogs apart is good social distancing (although you don’t have to eat 12 hot dogs in one sitting).

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What do you like to grill during the summer? Do you consider yourself a grill master?